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Dogs and Cottages… Pugs and Cottages….

Dogs and cottages.

Can you think of a happier combination?

There are LAKES to SWIM in… and STICKS to retrieve…


…and STICKS to TUG with your FRIENDS!

Or… If you are a pug…

…you can watch it all, reluctant, disgusted and confused, by the sidelines.

She wouldn’t even come onto the beach, she was so horrified by the “dogginess” that was taking place below.

Oh, pug.


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Pug Ahoy!

Autumn really is the most pleasant season, as far as the folks at Casa Lola are concerned.

We take every chance we can get to be outside, adventuring and cramming in all of the sun and warmth we can before the long, cold winter hits.

This year, we’ve been hitting up the lakes hard. Lola isn’t too thrilled about water or boats, so we thought we’d give her a chance to *really* get in on the action, and drive for a while…

…but that didn’t seem to maker her experience any better, really.

It wasn’t until we tied up at the dock and cracked open a couple of refreshing beverages that she really got into the boating thing.

So easy to make some creatures happy, yes?

We really are such simple souls in this household.


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Wordless Wednesday – Lake Edition


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