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Griffy Family Visit

Lola Pug is a popular girl. She has a wide circle of friends, both human and canine (and a couple of feline), and she gets to see them all pretty darned regularly.

Bosco and Murphy (aka The Fuppies) are a part of our family, and our doors and hearts are always open to them. I mean LOOK AT THEM!

Is that a boat? Can we eat it?



I might look like a little punk, but all I really want is my mama's lap and some love.



Seriously. Can I eat that?


This week, the Fuppies came to stay with us for an afternoon while their people were out for a bit. They are always VERY excited to come over to visit us at Casa Lola, so after MUCH speeding around and wrestling and playing and more wrestling and racing around, I decided to take them for a neighbourhood walk to try to tire them out a bit.

What do we have here? The Fuppies appear to have made friends with Shelby, Lola Pug’s lifetime buddy around the corner.

The man and the big dog went that way, and I smell snackies.


All eyes were on Shelby’s dad as he doled out treats for the attentive crowd…

You. Have. Done. This. To. Me.


…well…almost all eyes.

I guess cuteness only goes so far in the dog world.

To quote George Burns, “Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family…in another city.”

I’m already desperately trying to think up ways to make it up to her.

Wish me luck!


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November Blues

Up here in Canadianaland, November really offers up little hope or joy to the less hearty souls among us.

The glory and colours of September are behind us, the trailing joys of warmth and beauty that October offers are but a distant memory, and all we really have ahead of us are months of long nights and arctic blasts of wind and sleet. …and perhaps I’m not entirely a winter person.

But if I’m not a winter person, The Pug sure isn’t a winter pug, so we are well-matched.

When it’s blustery and the sky is dark grey, it takes effort to haul ourselves outside for walks.

It’s clearly much more of an effort for some of us, however…


…some of us who try to pretend that we don’t have legs, and so how on earth could we ever move out of our cozy bed…


…some of us who clearly have great powers over the more feeble minds of their resident humans…


I thought I could shame or horrify The Pug into growing some legs by bringing her into the public realm in her bed, but this clearly only proves how much I still have to learn.


There is no willpower greater than that of a cozy pug.

I admitted defeat years ago. It just seemed the safer route to go, really.



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The Dynamic Halloween Duo

Lola Pug has many, many Halloween costumes in her closet, and I always have a whole lot of fun picking out which one she’ll wear for the spooky evening.

That all being said, when we heard that her buddy, Boss, (he’s all grown up now) was going as the Dark Knight, I couldn’t help but add one more costume to her collection – retro style, of course…


Not that HRH would be a sidekick for just *anyone*, but perhaps just this one time, and perhaps just for Boss dawg.

Happy Halloween, all!

Stay safe and stay SPOOOOKY!


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If you follow Lola Pug on Twitter, you might have noticed that she had a bit of a play date yesterday. And she wasn’t exactly thrilled with the situation she found herself in.

But I was!

You might remember last year about this time, we had a play date with The Griffies. Well, it was time for a reunite, so let’s see how they’re doing!

Pretty Miss Clara was dressed up for the occasion. It’s always a delight to see this little angel.


She hovered up high, keeping an eye on the action below….


Osgood was in a cranky mood, so he was “Osbad” for the day, but everyone has a bad day, so no worries, little man. (it was kinda overwhelming, so no hard feelings on this end)


And Bentley, being the patient therapy dog that he is, of course had to suffer the most humiliation at the hands of his mama…


Add in the two little ones, and we have an even BIGGER dog rock band this year!

Murphy, Bentley, Bosco, Osgood, Miss Clara

Yah. That’s Bosco in the background, looking all Iggy Pop and all.

And Lola Pug?

As if.

She’s a solo act, lambies. She makes it quite clear that doesn’t share the spotlight.


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Missin’ Her Sistah

More and more these days, I let Lola decide where we go on our walks. “Pug’s Choice”, I call it. And we both love it.

Lo gets to hit up her favourite “pee-mail” spots, and I get to actually walk, as opposed to spending my entire time trying to convince Lola that she wants to move her legs.

Without fail, our evening strolls have taken us on a very specific route over the past couple of weeks. Pretty much every night (when it’s not raining), we find ourselves on a particular street, looking over at a particular door…


It warms my frozen heart to see how much The Pug has grown to love her sister, Nelly.

And I think we are *clearly* overdue for a play date.


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Puppy Snacks

I can’t get enough of pug puppies. Especially this little one.

The thing about puppies is they explore with their mouths, so they have to be kept under close watch at all times.

For example, you might think that puppy teeth are no match for an aluminum ladder…


…but one can never be too careful…


…puppy teeth are equal only to shark teeth….


…seriously, girl. That can’t taste very good.


Unfazed, and sitting like a true pug princess, Jo contemplates her next snack.

Endlessly entertaining.


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Wordless Wednesday – Sunbeam Edition


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Retail Therapy

The Pug and I are still trying to get back to normal after the chaos of the last few weeks, and what better way to kick start that process than with a little retail therapy.

Lola Pug isn’t allowed edible treats, so when we go to The Best Place in The World (our local pet food store), she generally snuffles the floor for tasty motes and then spends a goodly amount of time pining away for the cat toys.

Golly, pug. You sure know what you want, eh?

…cute haunches, by the way.

Sorry, sweetie. You already have a metric buttload of toys at home. And I’m not going to let you gum up that fuzzy mouse. I know you just want to eat him.

Ah, Lola Pug. She clearly feels the same way about fuzzy mice as I do about shoes. But we MUST exercise SOME restraint every now and then. It’s character building. …or something like that.


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How to Dry a Bichon

This pug-free post is courtesy of Madame’s abhorrence of all things water and rowdy-dog related.

In her place, Trigger the Bichon Frise demonstrates how to dry oneself after an autumnal dip in the lake.

But no drying session is complete without *completely* soaking a nearby human, right?

Thanks, Trigger.

I’m starting to appreciate Lola Pug’s dry nature more and more.


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The Three Amigos

Despite The Pug’s innate aversion to water and rowdiness, she loves to hang with her friends.

Tilly the Golden (who made her Lola Pug debut earlier this year) and Trigger the Bichon are two such friends. They are trouble with each other, but they respect Lola’s need for quiet lap time, and they don’t seem to be bothered by her disdain at their mucky, dog activities.

And every so often, I catch a quiet moment that has all three friends in the moment with each other….

Something tells me a duck has been spotted.

Your blood may be royal, but you can’t escape your inner dog, little pug.


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