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The Easter Puggie


And at Casa Lola, there’s only ONE thing to do on a holiday…



I love how into the spirit of things she gets.

But never fear, Pug, there’s *always* something in it for you, too.



Lola and I stick to the fun bits of most holidays, and for me, Easter is all about bunnies and chicks and chocolate and egg hunts and the promise of spring. So what’s not to love?

But back to the egg hunts.

The chocolate is for me, not for LP, so this morning, I thought someone would enjoy getting her breakfast in a slightly more fun way.

Eggs filled with kibble were hidden at pug eye level…





…and I set the pug bunny loose to see if she could sniff out her treats.



Lola Pug not only found the eggs, but she also very quickly figured out that stomping on them made them crack open and spill forth their breakfasty goodness.



Eight Easter eggs later…



Not only was breakfast served, but we had a total riot running around Casa Lola looking for eggs, hunting for spilled kibble and knocking all sorts of things over.



So perhaps the dressing up part isn’t so bad when you consider all of the fun that comes with it.



Happy Easter, Happy Passover and happy hunting to all of our friends today!


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Tennis Pug

When The Pug was a puppy, she was a total flight risk (still is, actually – she IS a PUG, after all), so the only places I felt safe releasing her in were fenced, protected areas.

We often have access to a lovely private tennis court, and Lola Pug has come to know the court as a place of great joy and glee, and she leads me there immediately on arrival.


Is she in it for the fashion? The social scene? The cocktails? (isn’t every proper sport really best followed by ice cold cocktails?)

Nah. It’s all about the BALLS!

On a tennis court, Lola’s inner beast is unleashed, and she becomes a focused, flying huntress who would rival any Serengeti cheetah pursuing her prey.






Um. Pug?


Seriously? After all of that, you want us to believe that you are dignified and composed while on a tennis court?

Seriously, though. On the court, watching from the sidelines, even watching it on TV, Lola Pug is a total tennis junkie.

Whatever makes you happy, my love.

Your puggie wish is my ultimate command.



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Action Pug, Activate!

Lest you think that Lola is (solely) the surly couch potato that I have portrayed her to be over the past few months…

…she really is quite an active dog. As a puppy, she was an absolute maniac, meaning that I devoted an extraordinary amount of my life in her early years to challenging her (and wearing her out) mentally and physically.

As she has hit her middle age (time travels so quickly, can I turn the clock back on her years, please?), Lola’s energy bursts are more selective, but for the right game, she’s all there.

About three years ago, Lola discovered frisbees, and her world was rocked and changed from that day forward….

Frisbees are awesome.

The pug and her people sure think so, at least.


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