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The Sock of Shame

Adventures sometimes mean mishaps – and thank goodness this little mishap was, indeed, little.

This time around, the injury was large enough that The Pug needed some TLC, but small enough that I could handle it, myself.

My bandage-wrapping skills leave much to be desired, so I’m thinking the “shame” part of this wee healing sock belongs to me.

…I think The Pug agrees with me.

The abrasion has since healed (almost), the pug has more or less stopped licking and limping, and all will soon be right with the world again.


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Pug Summer Picnic

I guess it’s only fair that while we eat picnic sushi, the pug has a little snack from the bountiful salad bar that is the lawn, yes?

Hey, sweetie – you got a little something … just there … right there …

Oh, nevermind.


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Eat Your Veggies

With a few notable exceptions (onions, tomato greens, grapes and raisins, for example), fruits and vegetables are great for dogs.

One of Lola’s best friends prefers snow peas to just about anything else, and another buddy is completely crazy for carrots. Teething puppies often get relief from frozen carrots. A clever and nutritious teething ring, of sorts.

Lola, being the sensitive-bellied creature that she is, only gets her veggies in stuffy format…but that doesn’t seem to phase her.

She’s holding onto it with the power of her formidable lips, alone, I tell you.

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Fumtimes my wips get pppftuck on my teeph, and pipple waff at me.

I don’t even know where else to go with this one.

She cracks me up.

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Happy Easter, Pug-Style

The pug would like to wish you and yours a Happy Easter.

…well…I’ll pretend that’s what she’s thinking.

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Corporate CEO’s Take Note

Why shred it when you can EAT it?

…even though those are actually my much-needed work notes, sweetie, your enthusiasm is charming.

Do you smell a business opportunity?


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Snow Pug

We got a surprise snow after a couple days of solid rain here, so it was back into the closet for the winter coats, and out into the park for the pug…

…she doesn’t really think very much of winter. Or of any “weathery” conditions, to be honest.

Planet Pug must have a very special environment, indeed.

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