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Day 6: Pug In Nature Photography Challenge

So, *technically*, this isn’t water.


It might be something even worse.


I didn’t know that pugs had muscles in all of those places.

Come and join el Disgusto here tomorrow for the FINAL DAY of the Pug in Nature Photography Challenge! We’re going to miss this!



What is the Pug in Nature Photography Challenge?

I was recently challenged by Lola’s Uncle Deji to post a nature photo once a day for a week. These types of challenges don’t usually appeal to me, but then I thought that the world might be a slightly lovelier place if there were more photos of nature floating around. And then I realised that it would be an even more lovely place if there were more photos of Lola Pug in nature floating around.

So over the next week, I happily present to you daily updates of Lola Pug. In nature.

Lola and nature go together like me and camping.

Which is to say, not at all.

So this might be fun.



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Pride Pug

Lola Pug’s hometown has been pretty stoked for some time about hosting 2014 World Pride, and the glorious weekend is finally upon us.

The weather has been sunny and hot, which is great for (most of) the humans, but it’s not so great for the four-leggers, so Her Royal Highness has had to miss out on most of the fun. …which probably suits her just fine, really.

But we couldn’t miss out on the MOST fun part of Pride, could we?


I think she needs her own float. Maybe carried like the Queen that she is in a litter by some gorgeous celebrants….


Pugs are proof that being like everyone else is BOOOORING, so be proud of who you are and go into the world with grace and love, and grace and love will find you right back.

Love, Peace and HAPPY PRIDE to everyone in our city and around the world.




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Lola Pug, Birthday Girl

As pretty much any pet parent knows, there comes a moment when we start to dread our furkids’ birthdays. Me, well, I’ve been mourning Lola Pug’s advancing age ever since she got out of her crazy puppy stage, so when her ninth birthday hit this week, I was all dread and gloom in my heart…


But that’s no way to live life, is it?

Celebrations must be had, so I brought out Lola’s “Special Occasion” porcelain Imari bowl, and a celebration dinner was presented.


But what’s a proper birthday without guests?

We were SO lucky to have Roxy back at Casa Lola with us, and she even brought a gift with her…


Always eager to help out her little cousin, Roxy showed Lola the gift, and tried to explain how to open it…


…but Lola didn’t seem to be too impressed, so Roxy took matters into her own hands…paws…face….


While Roxy played with her birthday gift to Lola Pug (Squirrel Log joy!), Lola told me exactly what she thought of her birthday so far….


But don’t despair, Pug! With the food eaten, and the gifts opened, there was only one thing left to do.



Well. I can see that Lola was totally enjoying herself.

What’s up, Roxy? You don’t like your party hat?


I clearly can’t pretend that it’s very dignified, but if anyone can pull this off, it’s you, little bird.


That’s a bit better.

…perhaps I shouldn’t have been laughing so much.

Happy Birthday, my little Pug Overlord. And thank you for sharing it with your cousin and me.


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The Trouble with Goldens

We had Lola’s cousin, Misty, come to visit us this week, which is always a joy. For me, at least.

The thing about Goldens is they are…retrievers. They LOVE to have retrieved things in their mouths. Now Misty generally eviscerates her stuffy toys within days (if not hours) of getting them, but Piggy here is a special case….


I got Piggy for Misty about six years ago, when LP and I were at dog camp in Vermont, and although he has lost his fabric eyes (and nostrils) to the ravages of Golden looove, he remains shockingly intact. I like to think it’s because Misty knows that Piggy was given to her with love – but I confess that it’s really simply one of the mysteries of life that he still lives.

But I digress.

Misty love to show off her stuffies to family and friends, and when I say “show”, I mean “stick in your face”…which is rather endearing, if you’re a Golden Retriever-loving person…


…but perhaps somewhat less endearing if you’re a pug….


Oh, what the poor dear puts up with.

At least it makes for a good story.

And oh, how she speaks volumes without even saying a word, that little pug.


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Wordless Wednesday – Canada Day Edition

As a friend of Lola Pug’s so aptly says, “Dignity. Dignity above all”.





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Oh, Canada!

Our Home and Puggie Land…


NEVER let it be said that The Pug isn’t patriotic.

Happy Canada Day, everyone! 146 years young!


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Creature Comforts

We often have our Pug (and Golden Retriever) family come to visit us at Casa Lola, and this week, we are playing host to one of Lola Pug’s best buddies, the lovely and delightful Miss Merryweather.

It usually takes a few days for our guests (and us) to settle into a routine that works for everyone, but Merry has fit in with our daily life pretty quickly.

She even helps me when I sit down to get to work…


…yup… there is space for me somewhere on this chair…


…if I could just squeeze in a little bit more, Miss Merry…


…that’s about right.

Nothing like starting a Wednesday with a great big smile on my face.

Oh. And you can stay here forever, little one. Just so you know.



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Going for walks in new locales means I have to keep my eyes open extra wide for things that might be Bad for The Pug.

Dead animals, wayward poop, litter, dropped food, and … stickums?


I often think that Lola looks a bit like a baby seal – not only because of her big, liquid eyes, but also because of her sleek, black coat that has – up to now – managed to repel most fauna that seeks to attach itself to her.


…not so the “stickums”.

I have no clue what these are, but they stuck to MY skin, too!


Legs, footpads, chin wattles, lips – even her NAILS! These suckers were stuck on with little hooks AND with sticky outer layers.

Not so good for your beautiful baby seal eyes, Bean, so until I figure out where these come from, your roadside snuffling is curtailed.

Being cruel to be kind comes with being a good mama, I guess.


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It’s been a pretty green winter for us so far this year, and that’s suited Her Royal Pugness just fine, but we got a big old dump of snow the other day, and I simply couldn’t resist going for a walk in all of the wintery gorgeousness.

Alas, when one has two pugs who pretty much have opposite personalities, the term “walk” takes on an entirely new meaning.

Camera One…



…Camera Two….

Can we go this way? This way looks like fun! Come on! Hurry up!


Thank goodness they’re small beasts, ’cause I was not in the mood (nor will I ever be) to be drawn and quartered, thank you very much.

Roxy had no issues diving through snowbanks, exploring buried smells and generally romping in the gorgeous winter wonderland.

Lola Pug, however, had slightly different feelings….

Um. I thought we had a talk about this LAST YEAR, mother....


I guess, for some creatures, no amount of fashionable cold weather gear can make up for the fact that it is … you know … winter.


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I’ve Got My Eye On You….

Sometimes I have to feel like a terrible pug mum in order to be an awesome pug mum, and this past week has certainly been *filled* with those moments.


There is what we hope is a rapidly healing eyeball under there, so paws crossed we’ll be cone-free by the new year.

Oh, you pugs and your eyeballs….



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