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Run Free, Amazing Hazel

Every so often, someone comes along who ends up changing your life and redefining what you know to be true about the world.

Hazel came into her people’s world in 2006, after surviving years of horrific abuse and neglect at the hands of multiple puppymillers. By all rights, she should have been scared, defensive and cautious. But this was Hazel, and she was tough, sassy, clever, and more than ready to tackle her life of freedom and love with her new and amazing family….

Keeping it Classy, Hazel

Hazel showed us that limitations are merely projections. If you didn’t know she didn’t have eyes…you’d never know she didn’t have eyes.


She taught so many people more about tolerance, forgiveness, love, and friendship than any book or human possibly could have.


Hazel has more than earned her wings. Her people have the most enviable guardian angel looking over them now.


Keep them all in line up there, Hazel, and keep an eye out for all of us down here. We’ll be missing you terribly, and we won’t ever forget who you were and what you taught us.

Run free and run strong, beautiful girl.


Hazel 1999(?) – 2015

Tribute by Hazel’s people:

If there is a heaven, it’s certain our animals are to be there. Their lives become so interwoven with our own, it would take more than an archangel to detangle them.
Pam Brown

Hazel: 1999(?)–Jan. 5, 2015. Adopted by us in April 2006

Oh, my bold and bonny lass, run fast. Run Far. Run Free.

There just aren’t words to do justice to the incredible being you are or the size of the gap you will leave in my home and heart.


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Tuni Tuesday Tribute


We seem to be losing a lot of friends this year, which either speaks to the number of buddies we have met online, or perhaps to the fact that is just a bad year for losing friends.

Tuni was a teeny, tiny, spunky rescue pug whose antics were a delight to follow online. Tuni’s pug love (and Lola’s BC buddy) Winston, has asked that Tuni’s pug friends post photos of  themselves cozy in their beds, as a tribute to this special, little soul.


For you, Tuni.


May Emma and Sequoia and your new baby brudder help your people through this challenging time, and don’t forget to send them a reminder every now and then that you are running happy and free up at the Rainbow Bridge.

Lots of pug love, little one.



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Goodbye, Little Rocco

Rocco Kamiliotis 2008-2012

Rocco, you have left us breathless and in shock, and it’s hard to believe we won’t see your happy, little face again.

We never imagined we could lose you so soon. Your innocence and joy in life was unparallelled, and we will miss you so very much.

Rocco and Lola Pug, March 2012

You were a lover first and foremost, but you showed us all how brave you were, and how hard you could fight.

With your Mum at your side, you tried your hardest. You know how much she loved you.

In the end, you needed to rest.

Rocco K

May you find your new home filled with pillows to push, friends to play zoomies with, and overflowing with bowls of chicken treats.

Lola’s Grandma Su has a special place on her lap for you, and Gracie is eagerly waiting to play up a storm with you.

Until we see you again.

Rest in Peace, little man.


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Pugnacious Payton

It really hasn’t been a great week for Lola’s friends, and we were very sad to learn that one of Lola Pug’s best blog buddies lost her courageous fight with PDE this week.

Payton, you were strong and you fought with everything you had. You and your people seemed destined to be together – there are few who would have been as devoted to keeping you healthy and happy as they were.


To read about Payton’s remarkable (and very happy!) life, and to learn more about PDE, please visit her blog – Pugnacious P. Her people, Christy and Tim, have some really fun videos, and you can even leave a note for her people, including Gammy and Gampy, who miss her terribly.

We will meet, in person, at the Rainbow Bridge, little one.

Peace, happiness and many, many stuffies.


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Farewell Crazy Coconuts

Grace Kamiliotis 1998-2011

Hats off to you, Gracie, for surpassing everyone’s predictions and expectations.

You have enriched our lives and now you have broken our hearts, but we know that you’re at peace.

Gracie and her Pug Mum, Sassy - 2008

Your family – Mumsie, your sisters and wee Rocco, miss you terribly. Even Lola misses you, little one, but you have passed your mantle on to her, and so your unique puggie spirit will live on.

Gracie of the Wild

May all of the gardens in your new home have lush, ripe mango trees, may all of the cows come lean and pre-cooked, and may you always have someone to bark at and someone to play with.

Gracie - August, 2011

Peace, dear little soul.

We will be looking for you on the other side.


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