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Day 2: Pug In Nature Photography Challenge

Day 2 of the Challenge calls for a little close up, no?

Lola P is NOT a fan of the wetness, so usually lakes and oceans and even damp spots on the sidewalk are outside of her tolerance levels. But once in a very blue moon the stars align, and someone enjoys cooling her tootsies off.

As I recall, this was a fairly warm day, and we had been trekking around the seashore for quite some time when we found a gorgeously shallow and warm part of the water to wade around in.

And…well…someone didn’t quite understand why I was so excited that she wasn’t screaming to be picked up.



Oh, you make my heart melt, little one.

Come back tomorrow for Day 3’s adventure in nature!


What is the Pug in Nature Photography Challenge?

I was recently challenged by Lola’s Uncle Deji to post a nature photo once a day for a week. These types of challenges don’t usually appeal to me, but then I thought that the world might be a slightly lovelier place if there were more photos of nature floating around. And then I realised that it would be an even more lovely place if there were more photos of Lola Pug in nature floating around.

So over the next week, I happily present to you daily updates of Lola Pug. In nature.

Lola and nature go together like me and camping.

Which is to say, not at all.

So this might be fun.


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Pugoween – Part the Second

The second Pugoween event turned out to be an even bigger (and funnier) event than the first one.

I wasn’t able to capture all of the amazing costumes, but if you buckle up for a it of a ride, here’s a taste of what to expect if you get a few dozen pugs and their people together at Halloween to raise money for rescue.

Candy Corn Witch pugs…


…Lobster Pugs who aren’t really lobsters…and aren’t really pugs, either…


…same goes for the Taco Pug…



…and the little Genie! (seriously – check out her NAILS, people!)


This little doll was dressed as a roadie for her beloved uncle’s band…


…what more need be said?


Another Genie Pug!

You can’t deny the awesomeness of a great outfit.


Our Candy Corn Witch pug won a prize in the costume contest, and she seemed to be pretty stoked about it…


…although little Magnolia the Sock Monkey seemed to feel a bit slighted.


…the pug who came dressed as a bath sponge did well, also. I think that his yellow rubber ducky had been purloined by the time I got to take his photo….


But it was the giant Pug Spider and his sibling the giant Pug Fly who took home first place honours in the costume contest, and it’s easy to see why.

Arachnaphobes BEWARE!


Lola took a moment to congratulate Pug Fly on his win. …at least I’m assuming that’s what she was doing.


Little Peggy the Ladybug wasn’t too impressed with the event.

…okay. She wasn’t too impressed with ME. She had a great time at the event.


Lions MUST wear pearls, don’t you know.


Formal photos were taken upstairs.

This little gal, Raisin, is a recent puppymill rescue, and a good portion of the funds raised will help with her upcoming medical costs. Poor darling has had a very rough go of it until now, but I think she knows she’s safe now.


Little men wore their best ties.


And some pugs preferred to hang out with their humans.

Best seat in the house, no?


Peachy Keen Pets was there to sell their fabulous harnesses, collars and leashes – with a portion of sales donated to the rescue!


With raffle prizes awarded, contests judged and pug portraits taken, the happy pugs started to slow down and give the universal signal for “can we please go home now?” to their people…


It was clear that everyone had a simply marvellous time.


But even Lola Pug was ready to call it a day. So many pugs and costumes to dream about on her homeward bound nap.


A total blast for pugs and their people, alike, and all for a fantastic cause. It was a of pugs helping pugs event, I suppose…with a little bit of human intervention thrown in, of course.


Until next Halloween….



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Christmas Pug Elf

We’re pretty stoked about Christmas here at Casa Lola. There’s a lot to do before the big day comes, though, including heading over to Lola’s Grandpa’s place to put up his tree.

So I leave Lola Pug alone for two minutes, and what do I come back to find her doing?

Supervising, of course.


If there ever was a job that pugs were born to do, it’s supervise the work of other people.

That being said, she’s pretty good at encouraging good work on the part of her willing slaves.


A few more chores, and we can get into full-on holiday mode, which basically involves doing nothing but eating and snoozing on the sofa in our jammies. Hm. Sounds like a couple of other things that pugs were most definitely born to do.

Does that mean that *every* day is Christmas Day to the lucky pugs?

The countdown is on!


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Little Miss Earlybird

I think that a certain *someone* has been hoping that the early bird isn’t the only one who gets the worm, because the Little Miss has been waking me up at positively ungodly hours recently with her kibble demands.


Just in case something was wrong, and she didn’t feel well (she was being remarkably persistent), I took her outside, where she snuffled and huffled and had a decent, little bio-break.

…at 4:30am. In -11 degree weather. In the dark….


Was she put out that I plopped her right back into bed when we came back inside, instead of filling up her breakfast bowl?


I’d say that’s an affirmative.

I had to then spend the next day trying my best to be a fully-functional, intelligent and hard working human being, whereas someone else was able to spend her day recovering from her pre-dawn escapades.


…not that she was rubbing it in my face, or anything.

Honestly, Pug. You’re lucky I love you so much.





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Lola Pug’s Favourite Game

A while ago, I took up crochet, just for fun, and I am both flattered and thrilled that one of LP’s favourite toys is the squeaky ball I made for her.


Now, one of HRH’s favourite games actually does involve this ball – or one of her other soft and squeaky toys. The things that really matter in this game are that the toy is soft, that it squeaks, that she can fit a good portion of it into her mouth and – most important of all – that she has it, and that you want it. That you REALLY want it….

Caveat time! In some dogs, this wouldn’t be playing at all, it would be a clear warning to STAY AWAY, so please do not play this at home, especially if your pooch has any issues with resource guarding. Here at Casa Lola, we have a deep understanding of the ways of THIS pug, and trust me when I say, if I don’t play this game with Her Highness when she asks, she gets very sad and sulky for a remarkably long time.

Thankfully, today is not a sulking kind of day.

Let’s see that ball, Pug… can I have some? Can you share with me? Just a little bit….


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November Blues

Up here in Canadianaland, November really offers up little hope or joy to the less hearty souls among us.

The glory and colours of September are behind us, the trailing joys of warmth and beauty that October offers are but a distant memory, and all we really have ahead of us are months of long nights and arctic blasts of wind and sleet. …and perhaps I’m not entirely a winter person.

But if I’m not a winter person, The Pug sure isn’t a winter pug, so we are well-matched.

When it’s blustery and the sky is dark grey, it takes effort to haul ourselves outside for walks.

It’s clearly much more of an effort for some of us, however…


…some of us who try to pretend that we don’t have legs, and so how on earth could we ever move out of our cozy bed…


…some of us who clearly have great powers over the more feeble minds of their resident humans…


I thought I could shame or horrify The Pug into growing some legs by bringing her into the public realm in her bed, but this clearly only proves how much I still have to learn.


There is no willpower greater than that of a cozy pug.

I admitted defeat years ago. It just seemed the safer route to go, really.



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Pouting Pug

When Misty was here earlier this week, Lola pouted. She pouted hard. It got to the point where I simply couldn’t take the two creatures out together, because Misty was all business, and Lola Pug…well…she was all pout.

Case in point…


You can see how this simply wouldn’t work on a practical level.

Maybe she just doesn’t trust anyone who is as perpetually happy and friendly as a Golden.

Either way, equilibrium has since been reestablished, and someone is once again the Queen of her Domain.

…until our next exciting adventure comes around, at least….


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Summer Pug Stalking

Thank goodness for cooler weather!

The more humane temperatures have meant longer walks for HRH, and, seeing as it’s all about The Pug, we had a full-on “Pug’s Choice” walk the other day.

S0 guess where we ended up?


Yup. Right outside (and I do mean RIGHT outside) Lola Pug’s sister, Nelly’s, house….

But today wasn’t just ANY regular day of stalking…look who is coming out of the front door!


The Pug and I were both beyond excited to see little Nells, so I offered to take the little squeaker down the street for a walk with Lo.


Hey, girls, now that you’ve been reunited, what do you want to get up to?


After a little bit of secret pug discussion, it turned out they just wanted to hang out on the lawn and catch up on pug gossip.

All is well and all is good, and once again, Lola Pug has learned that relentless stalking works.

Well, at least we both win in this case.


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Pug Head Tilt Quiz

Lola Pug would like to know if she and her cousin, Roxy, are cutest when they tilt their heads in the opposite direction to each other…


…or in the same direction….


Either way, you know they’re getting whatever it is they want out of me. (unless it’s treats, ’cause I’m evil that way)

I am *such* an easy target.


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The Food Beast

Our little guest, Merry, is everything a pug should be – adorable, (REALLY adorable), smart, deeply funny, incredibly sweet natured, and completely food obsessed.

Despite having extremely limited vision (you can see she is down to one, cataract-y eye), she bravely makes her way around, and she *always* manages to be where the food is.

Alas, her strategies to get food out of me are all for naught, as Casa Lola is strictly a non-begging household. But that doesn’t stop Merryweather…


The tiny claws of pain were raking the flesh off my legs this morning. I need to remember to wear thicker long pants in the kitchen from now on.

Merry is interested in ALL kinds of food.

She’ll snorfle for kale salad…


…she’ll even come and see what I might be eating when I’m in the bath.


I actually wouldn’t put it past her to jump right into my mouth to retrieve whatever it is I might be chewing at that moment….


Yah. I’m a little besotted with Miss Merryweather, if you can’t tell.

I think that Lola Pug might have tried to tell Merry that I’m a party-pooper in the food department, but hope springs eternal with this one.


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