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Ants in Your Pants

…or rather on your feet.

One of the best things about living near a great park system is our access to all things nature. Trees, rivers, bunnies and all things glorious to sniff.

Alas, nature also includes rather ferocious, biting ants.

Poor Bean got chomped on by a couple of nasties on her way out of the park yesterday, and the pain was obviously pretty intense.

Poor girl…


This has happened enough times, unfortunately, for me to know exactly what to do, so into the foot bath she goes, followed by a baking soda poultice. Add a lot of frantic pacing on her side, and some soothing and loving butt rubs from me, and the poultice eventually begins to work its magic.


A few kisses from mama, a good nap, some alone time, and she was as right as rain again.

Aw, baby.

Dumb ants.


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Heat Wave Pug

Although Big George Jr. is a valiant and sturdy member of our family at Casa Lola, he can really only do so much when the weather gets REALLY sticky.

(When did the term “Heat Wave” just become “Weather”? Thanks, global warming.)

So when the temperature in the bedroom starts to look like THIS…


…we migrate to the room that BG Jr. is living in. More for the pug than for me, to be honest. The poor Bean just can’t settle when it gets too hot, and being a pug, she has very few ways to cool herself down.

Someone (hint – it’s not me) sees this as a rather exciting, camping experience. She’s all set up with her water, her bonie, a cozy, cool place to rest, and her mama to snuggle with, should she so choose.

Even in the groggy, humid, very wee hours of the morning, she totally cracks me up.


Lucky pug?


Lucky mama?




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A New Day…

…a new doctor.

Oh, Lola Pug.

Dogs tend to hide pain, so it’s VERY important to be vigilant about *any* change in behaviour – drinking more water than normal, unusual accidents in the house, hiding under furniture…. Often, these early signs of disease and injury are overlooked, and by the time we take notice, it’s too late to do anything.

And besides, isn’t it better to spend a bit of time and money at the vet now than spend even more time and money at the therapist’s office after it’s too late?

That being said, LP had an incident this week that had us sitting in a neurologist’s office all morning yesterday.

I think we’re up to four specialists now, in addition to her awesome Uncle Deji, who is her (awesome) vet GP.

Making friends everywhere, little one….


All seems to be well again, thank goodness, and we’re on a “watch her closely” protocol for the next few weeks.

And as long as I don’t give her *too many* kisses, I think that Lola Pug doesn’t mind the extra attention.

Well. Okay. Maybe she does. But that just means she’s back to normal again.

Love you, Pug.


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Birthday … “Cake”

The Pug doesn’t get treats outside of her kibble, thanks to a tumultuous puppyhood that saw me almost lose her not once, but twice, to severe gastro issues.

So birthday cake at Casa Lola must be special, yet still consist only of her kibble.



I was evil again, I’m afraid, and made her wait to eat it while I took the photo…


…but as soon as I told her she could eat it…




Happy birthday week, babycakes.



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New Year’s Resolution?

How about we try staying out of The Cone, little one…



LP and her eye surgeon, Dr. Klys.

So let’s add up the weeks. An eye ulcer in May, another one in October – that’s somewhere around five months in a cone for 2012.

I’m going to put her in a bubble, I swear.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we have some sniffing and running and playing to catch up on….



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Lola (The Pug)

It’s good to know that I’m not the only one who has to remind myself every so often…

Dog? DOG? Don't you know who I am???


I might have to ask them to make a few modifications to her title, though.

Pugs are not mere dogs.

Clearly, they have never met her in person.


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The Apple of my Eye

I see a patient file, a bottle of anaesthetic drops and a cone undone… this can only mean ONE THING!






Two eyeballs!

Have you ever felt SO relieved, you thought you’d throw up?

I mean – I know this isn’t a life-threatening thing, per se, but there is something to be said for quality-of-life-threatening, y’know? (not that losing one – or both eyes – has EVER, really slowed a pug down)

Lola Pug’s injured eye is healing “exceptionally well”, so keep doing what you do, little Pug.


She must be feeling better…



…not 10 minutes of having her eye opened, and she’s back into the mama Stink Eye.

Nice, little one, nice.


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The Stalker

We’ve been quiet on the blogging front recently, ’cause there really hasn’t been too much action or fun around here recently. HRH is either grumpy or depressed these days, and it’s truly a special day if I can even get her interested in a longer walk of any sort.

This doesn’t mean, of course, that she’s stopped being totally hilarious.

Witness evidence of our recent “walk”…


…all the way down the hallway to her buddy, Boss‘s door.

She plops herself down in front of his home, willing him to come out.

Thing is…sometimes he actually does come out.

And so, the pug continues to learn that stalking sometimes actually pays off.

Way to go, me.

Now. About that WALK, little pug….


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Cone Head … Continued

Yup. We’re still here.

Still stuck in a cone.


It’s hard for LP when she can’t chase balls, lick my face, or play with her friends (they’re all terrified of her cone, so they keep a good distance from her, poor bean).

Heck, she can’t even eat or drink water without my lifting the bowl up for her.

But perhaps this time of rest and contemplation is good for her puggie soul, because, really, she is a lucky little girl.


I like to think that she’s using her extra energy to heal her eye, but I rather suspect she’s actually carefully plotting out how she’s going to wreak havoc when she’s finally cone-free again.

Keep healing, bubbah, keep healing!


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I’ve Got My Eye On You….

Sometimes I have to feel like a terrible pug mum in order to be an awesome pug mum, and this past week has certainly been *filled* with those moments.


There is what we hope is a rapidly healing eyeball under there, so paws crossed we’ll be cone-free by the new year.

Oh, you pugs and your eyeballs….



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