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Crabby Uncle Monty

When Lola Pug came into my life all those years ago, she had the great fortune to have a built-in pug family in the form of Montgomery and Grace.

…well, I never said that it was a *functional* family, did I?

Darling Gracie aside, Lola Pug became very attached to Monty, and even as he aged into his “Crabby” stage, she loved him dearly. It’s easy to see why…


Even to this day, years after Monty left for the Bridge, the mere mention of his name makes Lola Pug’s ears perk up. She’d love nothing more than to have him strut through the door again and crank at her.

And considering how their very first meeting went when she was only a few months old, that still surprises me somewhat….


Let it never be said that pugs can’t talk.

Love to you up there Mr. Monty, and thank you for guiding my little one through her first years.



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