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Lola Pug’s Favourite Game

A while ago, I took up crochet, just for fun, and I am both flattered and thrilled that one of LP’s favourite toys is the squeaky ball I made for her.


Now, one of HRH’s favourite games actually does involve this ball – or one of her other soft and squeaky toys. The things that really matter in this game are that the toy is soft, that it squeaks, that she can fit a good portion of it into her mouth and – most important of all – that she has it, and that you want it. That you REALLY want it….

Caveat time! In some dogs, this wouldn’t be playing at all, it would be a clear warning to STAY AWAY, so please do not play this at home, especially if your pooch has any issues with resource guarding. Here at Casa Lola, we have a deep understanding of the ways of THIS pug, and trust me when I say, if I don’t play this game with Her Highness when she asks, she gets very sad and sulky for a remarkably long time.

Thankfully, today is not a sulking kind of day.

Let’s see that ball, Pug… can I have some? Can you share with me? Just a little bit….


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Tennis Pug

When The Pug was a puppy, she was a total flight risk (still is, actually – she IS a PUG, after all), so the only places I felt safe releasing her in were fenced, protected areas.

We often have access to a lovely private tennis court, and Lola Pug has come to know the court as a place of great joy and glee, and she leads me there immediately on arrival.


Is she in it for the fashion? The social scene? The cocktails? (isn’t every proper sport really best followed by ice cold cocktails?)

Nah. It’s all about the BALLS!

On a tennis court, Lola’s inner beast is unleashed, and she becomes a focused, flying huntress who would rival any Serengeti cheetah pursuing her prey.






Um. Pug?


Seriously? After all of that, you want us to believe that you are dignified and composed while on a tennis court?

Seriously, though. On the court, watching from the sidelines, even watching it on TV, Lola Pug is a total tennis junkie.

Whatever makes you happy, my love.

Your puggie wish is my ultimate command.



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Fierce Hunter

Ah, the domesticated pug. (as if there could be any other kind)

Ninja-like reflexes, speeds that rival the cheetah, combined with the infamous pug persistence all make Lola Pug a formidable hunter and stalker…

…at least until I notice her “request” to get her ball out from under the furniture.

Then it’s all squeakies and silliness. …just as it should be.


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Bocce Pug

There’s nothing quite as relaxing as playing a civilised game of bocce on a summer weekend.

It would appear that The Pug agrees.

Oh, pug…please don’t move that little ball…I was actually WINNING, you see…

…it’s not your squeakie ball, sweetie, it’s…


Wildlife on the bocce court!

Time for a refill, I suppose.


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Ball. Ballballballball.

Given her choice of playtime activities, you will most often find The Pug with a tennis ball stuck to her face.

The ball of choice these days is the more canine-friendly Kong small ball. It fits in her mouth well, it has a good nap that she can’t yet seem to gnaw off, it doesn’t hurt her tooth enamel, and – most important fact of all – it squeaks like a dying bird.

Failing the specialised Kong ball, however, any regular old tennis ball will do…

As long as the ball is clean and dry, The Pug really isn’t very picky. Just don’t try to take the ball from her.

…unless that’s what she wants you to try to do.

But that, dear friends, is for another post.

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