2019 into 2020

I put aside LolaPug.com when Lola P died suddenly in September, 2018, but this captures one of the big lessons she taught me – especially as she was, unbeknownst to me, in her final days – so I wanted to share this here, on her blog. 

Wow, 2019, you sure delivered some serious ass kicking that was entirely unexpected. As if 2018 wasn’t enough. But I shouldn’t be surprised. I’m finally realising that this is how it all works. Also? In addition to said ass kicking, I now have two of the sweetest little pug nieces (one is my bona fide godpug), some really lovely new human AND doggo friends, and deeper friendships with some truly amazing people (and doggos).

2020? I predict even more surprises – both great and awful. More grey hair and creakier bones, and even more unwanted, heart-wrenching loss, but hopefully I’ll be looking in the right direction to be able to catch those inevitable moments of awesome beauty and grace in there, as well.

We’re only here once, as we know it. Revel in the gifts of being here. Feel the sun and the rain and the icy snow on your face. Smell the leaves, the wind, the dirt, the grass. Taste all of the foods that delight, and take time to soak in the beauty of the people, the animals, and the world that is around us. Be kind and be fierce, be forgiving (but don’t forget), and be gentle with our planet and our fellow creatures.

Blabbing done. Go forth and love the heck out of this life – and ignore the fuckers. They can figure it out on their own.

2020, here you come.

I miss you, my Bean. 💜



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2 responses to “2019 into 2020

  1. Cat

    My friend, HRM introduced me to you, and I have never been more thankful for a little doggy matchmaker. I have enjoyed our (cyber) friendship, and hope that it continues through the years. And even, maybe, has a LIVE! and IN PERSON! moment. 😀 Lola and my dad passed within days of each other, and I felt that connection strongly, for some odd reason. Tell the people that matter to you that they matter. And take care of yourself as well. Lessons learned. xoxox


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