Lola Pug and the Cicada

I told myself I wouldn’t go on anymore about the remarkably hot and humid summer we’ve been having, but I’m going to change my mind in three…two…one….

Pugs are ultra-sensitive to heat, so someone has had to be inside a lot these days, relaxing (and complaining) by the air conditioner.

Now, Lola P and I might be limited in what kind of mischief we can get up to right now, but we have still managed to find a few ways to amuse ourselves in this weather muck. We have even managed to make a few new friends.

She might have been a bit upset that I encouraged her new friend to zip away before she got to know him better (or to see if he was tasty), but NEVER FEAR, because soon after this meeting, we found a little cousin of his who I could more formally introduce her to.




This one wasn’t buzzing all up in her business like the first cicada was, so it’s pretty safe to say that Lola P knew she had been duped, and this wasn’t her original buddy, after all.

We are both REALLY looking forward to autumn and the cooler days and nights that are coming, but in the meantime, the gorgeous summertime call of the cicada…and Lola’s quest to befriend one (or snack on one, I’m still not entirely sure which it is), will soothe us and remind us to be grateful for the little things, even when the Humidex hits 43.



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6 responses to “Lola Pug and the Cicada

  1. Cat

    How much do I love that little woof at the bug. Hee!
    Also, I had no idea we had cicadas here? I don’t think I have ever seen (or heard!) one. It sort of has a puggish face, no? Maybe Lola is wondering why SHE can’t fly away?


    • We DO have them here, Cat! I grew up loving the sound of them, and I actually think they’re pretty cute once they are in adult form. Their song is quintessential late summer to me. Cicadas and lake water and the Tragically Hip. *sigh*


  2. Southern Fried Pugs

    We’re used to the heat and humidity here. Is it abnormal for where you are? We’re ignorant of Canadian weather frankly, and assume that it’s supposed to be cooler than the US southern states in the summer. When mom lived in Nebraska, many buildings didn’t have air conditioning on purpose. Think that must be changing now. Here in Virginia, there are a few homes without AC, but they are NOT the norm. Boy, we pugs would not survive the pioneer days.
    FYI, cicadas are crunchy.


    • The heat and humidity is pretty much a staple of most of southern Canada’s summers, SFP, as are the brutally cold and snowy winters, but this summer has been exceptional here. Toronto has been hotter than the Cairo this year. And the humidity has been something else. We definitely need AC to live comfortably here in the summers, but Casa Lola is in an older building, so we have movable units, as opposed to central air.

      And yes, they are crunchy! Hahaha! Who is the cicada snacker in your household? Lola P just wants to see what they’re all about. She isn’t into eating them…yet.


  3. We don’t have cicadas here in Southern California, but we have plenty of crickets, which make for delectable crunchy snacks for myself and my two feline brothers (and they are fun to chase around). 🙂

    Woofs and wags, Kona


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