Pug Dental Check Up

LP’s mouth has been smelling like the end of the world recently, so I packed her up and brought her to see her beloved vet, Uncle Deji, to see if he could figure out what was going on in her little Pacman mouth.

Lola adores her Uncle D, but she has never been a big fan of kisses, so of course, we smother her with them when she arrives.*


Can you feel the love?

Wait. There’s video, too!

After the kissing nightmare was over (all 11 seconds of it), Dr. Deji turned his attentions to someone’s mouth.

One of the many amazing things about pugs is that they have such soft and flappy lips…that are amazingly strong and turn into Fort Knox when you try to lift them up to get a gander at the teeth underneath them.


We had limited success on both sides. The tooth mystery still lingers (like someone’s breath). So we stood and chatted about options while Lola P found a comfy spot to sort out the events that had just transpired.


It’s all okay. She got lots of recovery time from the horrors of the kisses and the tooth exam (there might also have been a thermometer inserted into a more delicate place), but she received lots of treats, praise, and love…


…and eventually she forgave us for the indignities that come along with ensuring a healthy and happy long life. A price we all must pay, I might add.

And so the saga continues.


*There’s been a lot of talk recently over whether dogs “like hugs” or not, which in one way has been a great way to make folks more aware of the many nuances of dog body language, and in another way, it’s been kind of headshake inducing. I mean how does everyone not understand already that dogs (and all animals) are individuals with personal likes, dislikes, and moods. And NO ONE likes being forcibly restrained in close quarters, right? I guess the obvious isn’t always so obvious to everyone.


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12 responses to “Pug Dental Check Up

  1. Ha! I’ve got one pug who considers Affection grounds for treats, no matter what. The other will even let my kids per and hug her because loving is loving. Though she gives me funny looks when I miss her wrinkly noggin. Individuals indeed!

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    • *Totally* individuals! LP can be very snuggly – when she wants to be. At all other times, too much affection will result in “back off” grrrr’s, and eventual mama abandonment! 😀


  2. Hope the mystery is solved and there aren’t too many kisses.

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  3. Cat

    Could it be her food? Like, a digestive thing? Yoshi’s breath smells like he’s eaten about 50 million zombies, but his teeth are clean. I think it might just be his food. Not sure. Poor Lola. I am sure she secretly looooves the attention, but doesn’t like to show it to keep her reputation intact. haha

    The dogs vs hugs thing has made me roll my eyes so hard. Of course you don’t go hugging some random dog, but mine love hugs. I have had dogs HUG back (the lab/golden mix I grew up with, would put her front paws around our necks to give us hugs. She was wonderful). Jinx, Sophie, and Yoshi all love to be hug-snuggled. Annie and Kewpie (RIP) didn’t care for them, but put up with tiny hugs before they’d turn another body part to us for scritches. You just watch the DOG for its reaction! Silly researchers trying to cause controversy!

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    • It wasn’t even hard science, Cat – it was more of an observation of many dog videos done by a well-known dog trainer. Still – it might be teaching people a good thing or two along the way.


  4. Southern Fried Pugs

    We think all creatures appreciate choice. Tallulah, Petunia and mom included like hugs on their terms. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. You have to be in the right mood for it.
    We hope you figure out what’s going on with the stinky mouth soon!

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    • I’m the same as Lola P, SFP – and you guys. I hate it when people come up to me and hug me when I’m not asking or ready for one. Ick! Thanks for the stinky mouth juju. We have a stinky wrinkle situation happening, as well, so it’s a toss up as to which will be resolved first! Haha!


  5. Payton's mom

    LP is just too awesome not to be adorned with love. ❤️


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