Golden Oldies – Retriever Edition

Lola Pug is most definitely an only child. She prefers all of my attention on her terms at all times.

But every so often, we open our doors to very special dog friends when they need a home away from home.

My (slightly) hairier sister, Misty, has been a frequent guest as Casa Lola over the years, and it was a joy (for me) to welcome her back to our little space this week for a visit.



Misty is 14 years old now, which is slightly miraculous in Golden Retriever years, and I have to say that her age and infirmities only makes me love and treasure her more.

Goldens, as you might know, absolutely LIVE for love, so there’s no shortage of attention and skritches when Misty visits.


And she is *so* helpful when I’m in the kitchen. Always keeping watch that the snacks aren’t falling to the ground or going to waste.


We go outside for very short walks and we have many rest breaks. Old bones need lots of rest.


But infirm doesn’t mean unhappy for Misty Moo. A shady spot in the grass with lots of people passing by is pretty much heaven for this old gal.


With a good drink of water when we get home, of course.

Oh, Hi, Pug!


Perhaps The Pug is perturbed that Misty appears to be hogging the water bowl.

But, really, when your legs don’t work so well, it’s much easier to lie down and drink, no?



Someone has reached new levels of mortification, I see.


Misty is here for a little while longer, so we have some senior adventures to go on together.

And, yes, I am bracing myself for the inevitable Wrath of The Pug that I can feel coming on.

…it always begins with the staring….

And before I forget – Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers of fur, flesh and feathered (and scaly?) creatures.


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6 responses to “Golden Oldies – Retriever Edition

  1. scarlybobs

    “Well. Someone has reached new levels of mortification, I see.”

    Coupled with the photo that had me laughing out loud – I had to call my partner in to see!! 🙂


  2. Cat

    Oh my. I love Misty just through the photos. There is something about Goldens that always melts my heart. My YoshiBear (not a Golden) also likes to supervise any and all baking that is happening in the kitchen. He supervises things so well, I think he’s management material. (all show, little smarts. heh)

    Deep down, I am sure HRH knows how important a 14-year old Golden is to have in her life. She’s just milking the guilt trip for extra snackies. 😉


  3. Payton's mom

    I’m not sure which had me smiling more, Miaty’s happy grin or LP’s state down. Either way, two lovely ladies in their own right.


  4. Lola Pug has the gift when it comes to indignation that is for sure! Misty is very beautiful and I’m so happy she is loved!
    Love, Gampy


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