Birthday Girl Lola Pug

Ten years ago, a very special pug was born. This scampy, feisty, opinionated little girl would change my life in all sorts of wonderful ways, so it was not even a question that we would celebrate her 10th birthday in a memorable way.



I promised The Bean a few things on her birthday…we would go to visit as many of her favourite people as we could, I would not open my laptop all day (cellphone didn”t count – I had to take photos!), and I wouldn’t touch her with my feet while we were cuddled on the sofa that night (she hates it when I do that).

The morning started with Birthday wishes from far away friends…



…which she seemed to appreciate….



We received a VERY special message from her friends in Illinois, Donald and Daisy. Daisy was clearly *deeply* impressed with the whole birthday wish idea.

After a little breakfast and a short constitutional, we trekked to the other side of the city to visit some dear friends who we haven’t seen in ages…and who also happen to make some of the most adorable and delicious cookies we’ve ever seen.

Not only was Lola Pug positively showered with love by the amazing team at Mad Batter Bakers, but she has her very own, personalised Lola Pug cookies now!



Lola Pug was truly made to feel like the star that she is, but the Mad Batter team had cookies to make, and we had deliveries to set out on, so we had to tear ourselves away. But don’t worry – we’ll get back to the cookies in a little bit.

Our first stop on our way home was to visit Lola Pug’s amazing health care team and her beloved Uncle Deji.

She loves going to see them (so weird, but I’m thrilled), so we *had* to stop by for a quick celebration of treats and a rousing serenade of the Happy Birthday song.



Lola’s Uncle Deji has eagle eyes, and he quickly spotted the personalised tag on the Lola Pug cookies.



We left the team happily munching on the best soft gingerbread in the city, and we headed home to take a bit of a nap after a busy morning.

But first, we must take a closer look at these amazing cookies…



I’d say the resemblance is uncanny. But Lola Pug’s belly can’t handle cookies, so she was sadly denied.

And before you say, “But I could never eat such a cute cookie!”, trust me when I say that you’d be missing out on a whole lot of baking goodness if you didn’t eat the cookie.



I know. It’s unfair to talk about all of this deliciousness and not let you have any, Bean.

We settled in for a nap, and rested up for our next, big birthday day.

What? You think ONE DAY is enough time to celebrate with all of our best friends?

Wait until you see who we’re going to visit NEXT!

But first, we nap. …and maybe eat some cookies. I *might* have brought a bag (or three) of extra gingerbread home from the bakery, just to make sure I don’t eat all of the pug cookies we have for our human friends.



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9 responses to “Birthday Girl Lola Pug

  1. Cat

    Wow, Lola! You really know how to celebrate birthdays! Happy 10th birthday, sweetie. I am so happy I found you on the internet and can share in all your Puggy adventures! xoxox


  2. John Hemberger

    Happy Birthday Lola Pug! (from your cousin, Lola Pug also in Sandy Hook, Ct) Have a puggy day! xxxooo


  3. Adorable as always! Happy puggy birthday!


  4. Happy Happy Happy Burthday Lola!! OMD, I wish I had a cookie named after me!! okays, I wish I just HAD a cookie! ☺
    Ruby ♥


  5. So typical of Daisy to walk away. She’s got the attention span of a gnat! Happy Birthday LP!!!!

    Love, Gampy


  6. Irene Berry

    Oh my, my husband told me about this blog and I am now in 7th heaven. We had a black pug also called Lola who looks so much like Lola Pug it’s delightful, but sadly she passed away last summer. We are completely and utterly heartbroken and miss her terribly. But thanks to blogs like this we can enjoy Lola Pug’s adventures and get a bit of Lola fix too. Love the photos of Lola Pug and her friends and you are an excellent writer. Thank you for sharing your darling dog with the world.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, Irene, my condolences on your loss. Our babies really do mean the world to us. I’m happy that my little LP can brighten your world even a little bit. And thank you for the compliments. I haven’t posted for a while, but I’m starting to think that I should continue our adventures again! All the best.


      • Irene Berry

        Thank you for your condolences. You are quite right… we don’t have children and Lola was our little girl, our baby. I’m tearing up so will stop. Ahem. Yes, you do have to continue LP’s adventures. Absolutely… Lola the Pug has many more adventures to come I should think. Keep ’em coming. Hope you have a very happy holiday! xoxo. Irene.


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