10th Birthday Pug

I have been excited about this day for weeks now, which is odd, considering how much I dread Lola Pug getting older.

But today is a momentous day.

Today is the day that, ten years ago, this brilliant little light came into the world.

photo 2


The week ahead will be filled with all of the things that 10-year old Lola Pug loves most, so stay tuned for our exciting adventures! Well…our slightly subdued exciting adventures.

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!


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2 responses to “10th Birthday Pug

  1. Payton's mom

    I think I almost cracked all the windows in the house after squealing so loud because of your puppy cuteness! I know your mum made sure your birthday was as awesome as you!


  2. Happy birthday, Lola Pug! Wishing you so many more healthy and happy years!


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