Pug Canada Day!

Up here in the True North, Canada Day is all about enjoying a long summer weekend filled with friends, family, food and fireworks. And flags, of course.


NEVER one to miss out on a party, and fresh from her World Pride celebrations, Lola Pug stands…okay, sits…ready to welcome this year’s national celebrations, pug-style.


…which, unfortunately for her, means she can’t escape being dressed up – just a little bit – once again.


Happy Canada Day , everyone!

Stay cool, stay safe and stay proud!







Filed under Pug Duds, Special Days

7 responses to “Pug Canada Day!

  1. Payton's mom

    That watermelon looks tasty! Happy Canada Day to you and your mum!


  2. Happy Ya We’re Canuks Day, Whatever!
    Enjoy your time together and take a little stroll lakeside for us poor sucks here in the big HOG.


  3. Aww Happy Canada day, Lola and mummy! We hope you had a great day, you look just the part!
    Hugs, Carrie and pups x


  4. Cat

    Happy Canada Day to you and your hooman, Lola! You’re just a delight no matter what you’re wearing. 😉


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