The Pug Vote!

We have been a bit quiet here at Casa Lola for the past month, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been having adventures. Quite to the contrary, in fact!

Before we dive into sharing our fun with you, Lola Pug has a special public announcement to make.

You see, it’s Provincial Election Day today, and we want to remind all of our friends in Ontario and around the world how important it is to cast your ballot.



Lola got dolled up in her patriotic gear, I dug out my voting card, and we walked up to the local high school, which hosts our local elections office every year…


When we got into the school, we saw something that blew our minds!


Is this a sign that the pugs will inherit the earth? …or at least take over the government (which, if I’m being honest, could sure use some pug advice these days).

Ballot cast, with LP looking over my shoulder to make sure I voted for the most pug-friendly candidate, we sauntered home, pleased to have been able to have our little say in the future of our province.



So to our fellow Ontarians who haven’t yet voted – get out there! And if you have an election coming up in your home town or country, this applies to you, too.

What do we say to people who don’t vote?



You got it, pug!

Now to await the election results. Fingers and paws crossed for a bright future for everyone.

See you all soon with a new and fun blog post!





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6 responses to “The Pug Vote!

  1. Glorious and Free.
    Oh Lola Pug we stand on guard for thee


  2. Cat

    Patriotic puggy pup. I hope your pug-friendliest candidate won!


  3. LP, you are the most patriotic pug I have ever seen!

    Love, Gampy


  4. Oh Lola, you are so right. Mom works for the city we live in and knows how important voting is. Not enough people take the time to learn about the issues and vote with their brains. Seriously, don’t get mom started on the need for people to vote responsibly. She votes in every election, even if it means she writes in her own name. Last time, she voted for herself as mayor!


    • Mama and I look at all of the issues and vote according to who we think will give pugs the best life. So many people just blindly vote by party, but they don’t even know that the parties have changed! Your mama is smart. Maybe I’ll put myself forward for mayor when our city elections come up this fall!


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