Pugs in Hats

As you might recall, The Pug has benefited in small ways from my recently adopted crochet hobby (remember her crochet squeaky ball?), but you might also recall that she has lost some major dignity points because of it, as well….

black pug lies in a bed wearing a pink crochet hat touque


I had an itch to pull out my hook and make something new, but Lola Pug already had a hat, so what to do? There simply MUST be some pugs out there who would LOVE a wee toque.

I met Peggy the pug while transporting her to her foster home, and I fell in love with her *immediately*. Mocha is also a rescue pug, and he’s been a beloved staple of our famous Pugalug gatherings for years. They are both absolutely darling creatures who are now brother and sister, and this made them prime candidates for some good old crochet loving.

I went and picked out some wool just for them, and got to work.

Quite a few hours (and many, many chuckles) later, I packaged their surprise gift up, along with an awesome card by Rainbow Pugs, and handed it all to the postman…

Pink and a grey handmade crocheted touques for pugs with a Rainbow Pugs card


Mocha and Peggy’s Mum, Candace (who took these photos of her babies), was tickled with the surprise gift, but I’m not so sure it hit any balls out of the park as far as the pugs were concerned.

Two older, rescued fawn pugs wear hand crocheted touque hats and stare at each other in disbelief


In fact, I might go so far as to say they might not give me any kisses when I see them next…

Two older, rescued fawn pugs wear hand crocheted touque hats and look at the camera in disbelief


…aaaaand I might be reaching a bit even thinking they will ever let me get even remotely close to them again.

I fully expect the pugs will find some way to pay me back for this, but in the meantime, I shall smile and laugh and repeat these words in my head…

I would not like this
here or there.
I would not like it
I do not like
my winter hat.
I do not like it,
That is THAT!


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12 responses to “Pugs in Hats

  1. Heartless woman! Look at those despairing little faces. Mr Wicked, the amateur Eater of Socks, would take care of those hats for them in short order.


    • He might be getting a phone call from these two in short order, KV. If you pick up the phone and hear some weird, heavy breathing, put Mr. Wicked on – it’s for him.


  2. Cat

    I had a horrible night, feel like crap, and then saw this almost as soon as I turned on my computer. Lola, you might not appreciate the hats, but you just helped make my day so much better. xoxo


    • Mama says she shares my adventures because I make people smile, so I guess my hat suffering was okay. At least I had Mocha and Peggy for company this time! Feel better, Cat!


  3. I’m sure Peggy and Mocha will be happy to see you. They may even wear their hats, in your honour!


  4. Payton's mom

    Well, LP, at least you are in good company. 😉


  5. alfamare57

    My sides are hurting from laughing at this post! Awesome!


  6. The hats are priceless! My pugs would absolutely knock them right off. They might even try to take them off each other! They are adorable so it’s worth putting them on even if they get mad at you! Great post!


  7. maijaharrington

    What fun! I loved it!


  8. These two darlings look like they’ve been around the block a couple of times. Anyone who loves Lola knows they might end up one day having to pose for that close up wearing something crocheted. Roxy sends her deepest compassion.


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