This Little Puggie Went to Market…

…even though this little puggie stayed home.

One of the highlights of our week here at Casa Lola is taking delivery of our organic farm box. Both The Pug and I jump up when we hear Mike drop off our box at the door, and from there on in, it’s like Christmas morning for the two of us.


As soon as I put the box down on the floor, Lola Pug is on it, eager for me to open it up and show her the goodies inside…


…my newest discovery and I-will-eat-these-on-anything obsession are these arugula greens, which rather intrigued Madame…


As expected from something that grew in the earth, the carrots provided a good source of sniffs…


…the potatoes, however, were slightly less interesting, which makes me think she’s trying to tell me something about my carb intake. (I trust the pug implicitly, you see)


We got back onto track with the gorgeous BC-grown apple, which was subjected to much sniffage and interest…


…and we ended up with a rather thorough inspection of the milk, which was, again, a bit of a surprise. Maybe she was dreaming of ice cream.


Now, The Pug doesn’t get any food other than her kibble, but this doesn’t stop her demands for more, and when dinnertime rolled around, there were expectations to meet.


And, as usual, I SO failed to meet her high standards.

But what she misses in taste exploration, she gets a thousand times over in love, travel, activity, medical care and mental stimulation, so there’s a pretty decent trade off. Or at least I think so.

Now. Eggs and arugula. Sounds like a match made in heaven. For me, Pug. For me.





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3 responses to “This Little Puggie Went to Market…

  1. Payton's mom

    I’m hungry too, LP. 😉


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