Lola Pug’s Favourite Game

A while ago, I took up crochet, just for fun, and I am both flattered and thrilled that one of LP’s favourite toys is the squeaky ball I made for her.


Now, one of HRH’s favourite games actually does involve this ball – or one of her other soft and squeaky toys. The things that really matter in this game are that the toy is soft, that it squeaks, that she can fit a good portion of it into her mouth and – most important of all – that she has it, and that you want it. That you REALLY want it….

Caveat time! In some dogs, this wouldn’t be playing at all, it would be a clear warning to STAY AWAY, so please do not play this at home, especially if your pooch has any issues with resource guarding. Here at Casa Lola, we have a deep understanding of the ways of THIS pug, and trust me when I say, if I don’t play this game with Her Highness when she asks, she gets very sad and sulky for a remarkably long time.

Thankfully, today is not a sulking kind of day.

Let’s see that ball, Pug… can I have some? Can you share with me? Just a little bit….


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7 responses to “Lola Pug’s Favourite Game

  1. Haha! Aww bless her, YES! This is a really popular game with my three little chimps too! Though they definitely do NOT have such a snazzy handmade ball to guard! I’m a bad mum x


  2. Donald loves playing the same game with Gammy and gets really upset if she doesn’t drop whatever she’s doing to play the game NOW! : )



    • Exactly! Humans MUST come to realise the VITAL importance of playing the “Don’t you waaaaaaant it?” game!

      PS – The video of Donald playing bitey face with his Da is one of the best videos mama says she has ever seen.


  3. Payton's mom

    Sooo cute! Donald was cheering you on during the video. He does the same thing and with balls only. He gets a little obsessed with them.


  4. Balls are verboten in our house. Hockey fights break out between Tallulah and Petunia. We are the Don’t Try This At Home poster pugs.


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