November Blues

Up here in Canadianaland, November really offers up little hope or joy to the less hearty souls among us.

The glory and colours of September are behind us, the trailing joys of warmth and beauty that October offers are but a distant memory, and all we really have ahead of us are months of long nights and arctic blasts of wind and sleet. …and perhaps I’m not entirely a winter person.

But if I’m not a winter person, The Pug sure isn’t a winter pug, so we are well-matched.

When it’s blustery and the sky is dark grey, it takes effort to haul ourselves outside for walks.

It’s clearly much more of an effort for some of us, however…


…some of us who try to pretend that we don’t have legs, and so how on earth could we ever move out of our cozy bed…


…some of us who clearly have great powers over the more feeble minds of their resident humans…


I thought I could shame or horrify The Pug into growing some legs by bringing her into the public realm in her bed, but this clearly only proves how much I still have to learn.


There is no willpower greater than that of a cozy pug.

I admitted defeat years ago. It just seemed the safer route to go, really.



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7 responses to “November Blues

  1. Thanks for a really good laugh, its so blustery cold outside we are doing it in the back yard. No need to hide behind the back door Mommy I see you and I am going to go here anyways.


  2. Cat

    I needed this today. A smile! Poor Lola Pug. I think perhaps you should get her a wagon…


  3. Payton's mom

    Lola, you are living the good life! I’d say come visit us, but it’s cold here too. Well heck, come visit us anyway!


  4. Michele

    This was a great post. I loved your story and especially the pictures. Those pug expressions are priceless. I started following your blog when I became worried about Miss Merry Pug, glad to see she was visiting. Lola is precious.
    Thanks for sharing.


    • Thanks, Michele! We see Miss Merry quite regularly, and she is doing very well, despite all that has befallen her over the past year. She is a very special soul, and we love her very dearly here at Casa Lola. Thank you for following!


  5. TJ Nepivoda

    This is probably completely unrelated to your blog but as a pug owner I had hoped you might know something… Has your pug had any problems with seizures? My pug has several and they’re rapidly worsening.


    • TJ – I am so sorry to hear that your pug is having seizures. I know that it’s not an uncommon thing for pugs, as there are neurological issues that can sometimes run in the breed. I assume you have taken your little one to the vet and that they have referred you to a specialist.

      I would ask to see a neurologist, if you haven’t already, and do check online for pug forums. There are a lot of helpful people who can give you advice online. If there are pug meetup groups in your area, they would be a good resource, as well. But there’s nothing better than a good vet specialist.

      Good luck and good puggie juju is being sent your way.


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