A Week of Sleepovers

We’ve had a REALLY busy little while at Casa Lola recently, with a bit of a revolving door of awesome canine family members coming to stay with us for short stints.

First up was my (slightly hairier) sister, Misty, who was with us for a couple of nights.


Misty, aka The Land Manatee, is an old, gentle gal who is SUPER easy and absolutely delightful to live with. She could really use some good juju, too, as she’s working her way through a slightly mysterious health issue right now.

After Misty went back home, we opened our doors to my goddogs, and Lola’s adoring nemeses, The Fuppies!


Boz and Murphy (Boz is on the right) have done quite a bit of growing since they were last featured on the blog, but they are still clearly as cute (and almost as crazy) as ever.

I actually think that Lola Pug secretly adores them, but she’s always been a bit protective of her personal space (a non-existent concept to the Fuppies), so maybe she wasn’t having as much fun with them as I was.

I think Lola might have been relieved to see their Auntie pick them up and take them home.


And now, to wind up the week, the little angel princess Miss Merryweather, is with us for a couple of nights. (she’s snuggled up on the sofa beside me right now, in fact)


All in all, Lola has been an excellent host, and she hasn’t made *too* much of a fuss about sharing me with our family guests…but I think that someone might be needing a stretch of one-on-one mama-pug time pretty soon…


…time that I actually might not be invited to, judging by the look on her face.

I know, for a fact, that the Little Miss will be bored within hours…okay, perhaps days…of our final guest leaving, so I think we’ll spend the rest of this lazy Sunday chilling out and appreciating this week of excellent house guests and great company.

Have a great Sunday, everyone!



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8 responses to “A Week of Sleepovers

  1. Sounds like you guys have had quite the busy week! Love Lola’s expression in the last photo! If not cuddles, perhaps bribery with a special treat 😉


  2. I think that is an excellent plan! Ol stink eye will get over it!



  3. Payton's mom

    You need to start a bed and breakfast, where the guests cook breakfast for you, LP. 😉 We are still praying for Misty. Those griffies have grown so much! And my hearts melts for Merry. But Miss Lola, your expressions always slay me! You should definitely get that stink eye tee made.
    Love you,


  4. devin

    What exatly is a fuppy?


    • Devin – Lola Pug here. Mama calls the Griffies “The Fuppies” because I’m not so keen on their crazy puppy in-your-face-all-the-time ways, so it’s a combination of “Puppies” and …”Freaking” (to be polite). Pugs don’t swear, but mamas do. She’s so embarrassing.


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