The Return of The Pug

Oh, the shame.

I have been heavily distracted by the not-blog world as of late (which includes going on adventures with Lola Pug, have no fear), and as such, has been quiet for a while.

You can only imagine what Lola Pug, herself, thinks of this…


Well – we’re back, and we have some adventures to catch up on.

And as we’re getting caught up on our end, I’d like to send our congratulations to our buddy, Winston Wilbur for being featured on Buzzfeed’s “10 Senior Dogs on Facebook That Are Cooler Than You” list. We heartily agree with their choice! We’re happy to see a few other of our blogging buddies on there, too.

You can visit Winston on his Facebook page, here, to show him some love.



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3 responses to “The Return of The Pug

  1. Happy to have you back with us Lola Pug!!! 👍



  2. Payton's mom

    Welcome back! I feel better with a fix.


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