Pouting Pug

When Misty was here earlier this week, Lola pouted. She pouted hard. It got to the point where I simply couldn’t take the two creatures out together, because Misty was all business, and Lola Pug…well…she was all pout.

Case in point…


You can see how this simply wouldn’t work on a practical level.

Maybe she just doesn’t trust anyone who is as perpetually happy and friendly as a Golden.

Either way, equilibrium has since been reestablished, and someone is once again the Queen of her Domain.

…until our next exciting adventure comes around, at least….



Filed under Friends, Pugs are Weird, The Daily Pug

3 responses to “Pouting Pug

  1. Petra

    That is hilarious! A serious huff, there…


  2. Darling Lola, we laugh with you not at you.


  3. Payton's mom

    Oh, LP. Such attitude…and we love you for it!


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