Skye Loves Lola


Skye REALLY wanted to play with Lola, at least.

Lola? Not so much into it.

What a surprise.

Someone forgets what an insane, little puppy she once was.

And don’t worry, Lola Pug’s plea for rescue was heeded. I picked her up from where “the dog” was soon after this video was taken.

Honestly, Pug.



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7 responses to “Skye Loves Lola

  1. Petra

    Yeah, I am sure he will have some kind of complex from being rejected…NOT! Today he was amongst his own kind – working sheepdogs. 🙂


    • He’s the only BC I have ever liked, so there’s that going for him. Seriously. He might have a tonne of energy, but he’s sooo gentle with pugs. A good, good boy with an awesome mama.


  2. Cat

    Lola seems to feel the same was about Skye as she did about the hose. 😉


  3. Lola, you handled yourself better than we would have. But really, such a rowdy dog is not for the company of Lola. Or any dog, Lola?


  4. Is there any creature on the planet that can look as offended and disgruntled as a pug? I think not….and Lola is a mistress of that art….

    And I love border collies….had them before I had pugs….


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