Humid Much?

I really do try not to complain too much about the summer heat, because winter is always lurking around the corner, but we *do* become rather limited in our pug entertainment options when things get hot and sticky.

Fortunately, we have an AC unit, and a multitude of tricks and strategies to keep HRH cooler on the hotter days (like today).

Not all of these options go over very well with The Pug, of course…


When it comes down to it, lots of cool water and sitting in a shady, breezy spot are really all she needs to be happy.


Let’s just hope that cool breeze keeps up.

How do you help your pugs stay cool when it gets steamy out?



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9 responses to “Humid Much?

  1. I love the pictures, especially the last one. It’s hot and humid here too 😦


  2. Lola is too cute. My two Daxies love nothing more that sucking on ice cubes. We found some really cool ice trays in the shape dog bones. I know it makes no difference to them, but it makes me smile.


  3. Kim

    Keep some cold watermelon around my pugs love it.


  4. Lola, you always have a handle on things! Well done!



  5. Cat

    What a happy, puppy-face she’s got in the second photo! I do adore Miss Lola Pug!


  6. Payton's mom

    Oh goodness! That smile is killing me!


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