Summer Pug Stalking

Thank goodness for cooler weather!

The more humane temperatures have meant longer walks for HRH, and, seeing as it’s all about The Pug, we had a full-on “Pug’s Choice” walk the other day.

S0 guess where we ended up?


Yup. Right outside (and I do mean RIGHT outside) Lola Pug’s sister, Nelly’s, house….

But today wasn’t just ANY regular day of stalking…look who is coming out of the front door!


The Pug and I were both beyond excited to see little Nells, so I offered to take the little squeaker down the street for a walk with Lo.


Hey, girls, now that you’ve been reunited, what do you want to get up to?


After a little bit of secret pug discussion, it turned out they just wanted to hang out on the lawn and catch up on pug gossip.

All is well and all is good, and once again, Lola Pug has learned that relentless stalking works.

Well, at least we both win in this case.


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2 responses to “Summer Pug Stalking

  1. Lea

    Looking 4 U around 3:00 @ Roxy’s rest stop tomorrow. If I’m not here u can visit with Phyllis 🙂


  2. Oh, LP, you slay me! It’s so sweet that you like to hang with your sis.


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