Heat Wave Reprieve

This recent heat wave was just about sinking us.

It’s still better than 40 below, but 40 above (Celcius, people) isn’t anything to laugh at when you’re a pug.

It was all we could do just to get to the end of the block and sit to watch the traffic go by for amusement. (HRH was carried home, in case you’re wondering.)


And then, the weather radar showed us something that many of us were very much looking forward to….


Finally. Rain. And then some.

The Pug and I sat inside and watched the storm blow through our neighbourhood – windows wide open and hearts filled with hope.


Lola Pug has never shown such interest in life beyond our windows before.

It must have been the cool (relatively speaking) breeze coming in that made her reach out and give thanks to Mother Nature.


So, we could have done without the funnel clouds and the tree damage and the power outages, but for the moment, it’s cooler, and that’s what we here were really hoping for.

Now. Onto some ADVENTURES, little one!

…while the “cooler” temperatures last, at least. It *is* only July, after all.







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10 responses to “Heat Wave Reprieve

  1. Cat

    I know your pain, Lola sweets. My two furballs can’t go out in this heat at all as arctic breeds are very, very susceptible to heat stroke. They have been cooped up in the house (thankfully we invested in a central a/c unit last year) but have cabin fever. Last night we were finally able to go for a walk in the evening because the humidity and heat broke. This morning we have windows open. Tornados and rain aside, it was a much needed storm here in Montreal, too. Stay cool, Your Majesty. xoxox


    • Oh, Cat, I love my mama and all, but being in the same room with her 24/7 is a bit much. It’s nicer out today for all beasts, but mama says it’s going to get gross again, so I hope that you guys get out and enjoy it while it lasts!


  2. London’s been pretty hot too recently. My dachshunds are really feeling it, poor little guys.


  3. Enjoy the rain Lola. I love the pictures, especially the tongue one!


  4. Lola Pug, I’m glad you got some relief from all the hotness outside. You generate enough of that inside! Glad you all were safe from the bad part of the storms!



    • Thanks, Gampy! I hear that my buddies, D&D are staying cool in their central air. I keep telling mama we need that, too, but she’s just not listening. Maybe I need to come and stay with you for a while, instead.


  5. Payton's mom

    I think you definitely need to stay with us Lola Pug! Glad you got some relief and are ok through the storms. Gampy lost part of his river birch in a storm this weekend.


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