Melty Weather Wednesday

Well. Summer is *really* here. And we’re still here.

I’ve been buried in work, and LP has been stumped by the heat, so we’ve been laying low recently, but I have a few adventures planned – and a few to catch up on.

In the meantime, it’s too hot to do much outside, so we’re just going to hang tight and hunker down in front of Big George Jr., our air conditioner.


…you know it’s hot out when The Pug won’t even get off the front porch for a walk.

Just as well. Pugs and hot, humid weather are NOT a good combination.

Stay cool, everyone!



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6 responses to “Melty Weather Wednesday

  1. Payton's mom

    Aww, Lola! We feel your pain. Miserably hot and humid weather is hovering down here too.


    • Thanks, Auntie Christy! I’m getting pretty depressed because I can’t get up to my usual hi-jinks. Boy, will mama be in for it when the weather breaks! I’m saving up all my beans!


  2. Lea

    Big George is better than TV. Big George is smarter than Nickolas Dorazio. Lola is in love with Big George


  3. Blanche

    House full of hot dogs here–although the IBS is more of a mini sizzler than a hot dog.


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