Pug Head Tilt Quiz

Lola Pug would like to know if she and her cousin, Roxy, are cutest when they tilt their heads in the opposite direction to each other…


…or in the same direction….


Either way, you know they’re getting whatever it is they want out of me. (unless it’s treats, ’cause I’m evil that way)

I am *such* an easy target.


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11 responses to “Pug Head Tilt Quiz

  1. Payton's mom

    You girls melted my heart, so cute. And I’d totally give up a treat or two or three…


  2. Hello silly head tilting pugs!!! Too cute. 🙂


  3. petpizzaz

    omd they are so cute!!! If I didn’t already have 3 dogs I would get a Pug 🙂


  4. This is adorable!!! High paw!


  5. Cat

    I brought my husband over to the couch (from his post at the table 3 feet away) to help me with this one. It was hard work, I tell you. We had to choose option c. There was MUCH scrolling up and down to look at both photos though before we decided on that answer. Also, my husband is convinced that Roxy doesn’t move and is just perpetually in that position. 😉


    • Haha! Thank you for your hard work, Cat. Mama wants to assure you that Roxy’s head does, indeed, tilt in both directions. She might have just been super tired from our play date, so maybe she didn’t want to move it back and forth, like me. I always give 100%. I’m just that kinda pug.


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