Do Pugs Shed?

…I’ll let Lola’s cousin, Roxy, answer that question….


I’d like to add that Roxy has a “single coat” like Lola Pug’s.

And this was the first of three, equally productive grooming sessions.


Yes, darlings. Very much, they do.


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4 responses to “Do Pugs Shed?

  1. Lea

    How about, ‘The dog ate my grooming brush.’
    Moving quickly on to another topic: The French love their Jack Russels. They have not learned about the Pug phenom yet but my Mom & Dad are doing their best to tell everyone who will listen. The Luberon is full of mystery and really good cheese.
    Love and for some reason- possibly user error- I am unable to SEND emails.


  2. Kat

    When wannabe pug parents ask me that…I respond: YES, like buffaloes,and that is how you know for sure that you love them! Cuz who else would put up with that kind of nuisance? :o). Love me some pug!


  3. Payton's mom

    Even practically hairless Payton managed to shed. It is a necessary pug thing I guess. 😉


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