The Food Beast

Our little guest, Merry, is everything a pug should be – adorable, (REALLY adorable), smart, deeply funny, incredibly sweet natured, and completely food obsessed.

Despite having extremely limited vision (you can see she is down to one, cataract-y eye), she bravely makes her way around, and she *always* manages to be where the food is.

Alas, her strategies to get food out of me are all for naught, as Casa Lola is strictly a non-begging household. But that doesn’t stop Merryweather…


The tiny claws of pain were raking the flesh off my legs this morning. I need to remember to wear thicker long pants in the kitchen from now on.

Merry is interested in ALL kinds of food.

She’ll snorfle for kale salad…


…she’ll even come and see what I might be eating when I’m in the bath.


I actually wouldn’t put it past her to jump right into my mouth to retrieve whatever it is I might be chewing at that moment….


Yah. I’m a little besotted with Miss Merryweather, if you can’t tell.

I think that Lola Pug might have tried to tell Merry that I’m a party-pooper in the food department, but hope springs eternal with this one.



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9 responses to “The Food Beast

  1. Ooh… how can you resist Miss Merryweather… I think she would have me wrapped up around her little paw at first beg…lol…


    • My mama grew up with Golden Retrievers, who are the ultimate masters of begging for food, so she says she’s immune to pitiful looks. I’ve been trying for eight years, Marthafied, and I can’t get anything from her. She’s hardcore.


  2. Lea

    Merryweather is the bravest little soul I have encountered. She has taught me to pursue my passions with a lusty naked carefree abandon.


    • Lola Pug’s mama here … Merryweather is an angel on earth. She is kind and brave and sweet and funny – I have never met a creature quite like her before. She is magic.


  3. Joanne Gillespie

    Merry is sooooooooo sweet. I love her


  4. Merryweather is a sweetie!


  5. Payton's mom

    Those photos with her chin up are the best ever! I would be a happy girl if Merry skinned my legs. 😉


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