Spring Has Not Sprung

Many lifetimes ago, when I lived out on the East Coast, I learned not to get too excited about the official arrival of Spring. Sure, the longer hours of daylight are something to celebrate (in a BIG way), but there was always some sort of sneak attack by Old Man Winter that you had to be on guard for. The last snowstorm in June was usually the point where you could really let your guard down.

This doesn’t, of course, mean that I appreciate the snow and sleet and general grey that’s happening outside right now, though.

The Pug knows what’s up out there, and she won’t even get out of bed anymore….


Getting her harness on when she’s in this mood pretty much involves magic and slight of hand…


…but somehow, it happens.

And thank dog she’s only 14 pounds, because – yes – I do have to carry her limp, passively resistant self outside.


Time to pick up The Great Resisto and head outside.

Wish us luck!



Lola’s passive protest reached new levels of limp today, and when we got outside, I could see why. It was crappier than I had even guessed. But, with some encouragement, the pees and poops were quick and efficient, and I think that I’m going to change Lola’s name to Gandhi. …but no hunger strikes, of course. She IS a pug, after all.


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10 responses to “Spring Has Not Sprung

  1. I hear ya. Enough snow already. I want to lay in the cool grass and bathe in the hot rays of the sun. Call me when the snow is all gone. Until then I’ll be in bed.


  2. Lea

    This too shall pass. I wish you both prompt poopoos and all in one decisive shot pees.


  3. Southern Fried Pugs

    Power to the pug! Thankfully, we’re dealing with rain only now but that is bad enough. We’re lucky because we have the fenced yard so no struggling with harnesses and the like. Man, that would be a nightmare with three incalcitrant pugs!


  4. You look so peaceful sleeping! So cozy, why go out!:)


  5. rubytheairedale

    Oh my! Lola, you just know what you want (or don’t want),huh?!
    I feel ya…
    pees: the ‘limp’ thingy works much better for me ~ I’m 60 lbs….to heavy to lift!!! BOL! BOL!!


  6. Payton's mom

    That update pic is priceless. Serious attitude! I don’t blame you LP. For us, we usually don’t get much of a spring. Either winter visits again, it rains, or we skip right to the heat of summer. But this year we might get lucky and have two weeks of nice spring weather.


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