Another Year…

…another promise broken.

I promised wee Lola that this year for her birthday, my treat to her would be to NOT dress her up in any outfits or costumes.



…I suck.

And The Pug tells me so at every opportunity.

Alas, the weather is wreaking havoc with us today, as well, and it’s not exactly Pug Perfect…


But have no fear. All is not lost for The Pug.

At Casa Lola, our birthday celebrations go on all week, so there are plenty of happy events in the works that we will be sharing with you in the days ahead.

And that’s a promise I can keep.

Happy Birthday, my little soul. You are my light in the world, wee one.


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9 responses to “Another Year…

  1. Happy birthday, darling girl! A ribbon isn’t all that bad in the scheme of things. You have seen what we wear, right? Chicken suits and birthday hats.
    Milk your birthday for all it’s worth!
    PS, Isabelle’s celebrating 13 on Saturday!


  2. Cat

    Oh, a ribbon isn’t that bad! I put a bow in my hair almost daily. It’s like nothing. (Much to the appreciation of friends, family, coworkers and strangers, I also wear CLOTHES on a daily basis and not just a bow.)
    Happiest of birthdays, Lola dear. My life has been brighter having found your blog over a year ago. May you continue to make everyone’s days brighter forever. xoxo


    • Cat

      PS – I didn’t realize Lola and my Jinx Puppy were only 2 weeks apart in age. I am a horrible Mummy and haven’t had time to post Jinx’s 8th birthday post from Feb 28. I am hoping to post about that soon. Nice to see my Jinxy is in good company, age-wise.


  3. Happy Birthday, Lola! You look adorable in your birthday getup. Don’t worry. I get humiliated all the time during my birthday MONTH. At least your mom’s thinking about a week!

    I am having an Easter Egg Hunt contest on my site. Drop on by and win a present during your birthday week!




  4. Payton's mom

    Oh LP, you may not like it but you are rocking that ribbon! Sorry I was late wishing you a happy birthday but hopfully your mum passed on my wishes from FB.


  5. HB Lola! She doesn’t realize how adorable she looks. Lol.
    Our Pug loves clothes, he even puts his arms thru the shirts. So helpful.


  6. Happy Birthday Lola! xx


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