Friends and Family

All of the “escaping to not-so-warmer climes” traveling that we have been doing recently has left Lola Pug and I a little bit worn out, so what better way to recharge than to hang out for a few days at home, and have family and friends over to visit.

The mood is, needless to say, casual and relaxed – VERY relaxed – at Casa Lola these days….


You met little Frankie a while back, when his now angel-sister, Bradie, had eye surgery. (nice tongue there, mister!)

But what of family?

Well, we are lucky to have LP’s big sister, Nelly, here with us for a few days.

And lest you think she felt left out of Lola Pug and Frankie’s little lap-fest, I can assure you, she didn’t…


Always a happy girl, that Nelly.

And with a little bit more sofa snoozing under our belts, we should be ready for some serious adventuring.

Or maybe some more naps!



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3 responses to “Friends and Family

  1. Southern Fried Pugs

    We absolutely support more naps! As long as the interlopers don’t interfere with prime nap real estate or our food, we are ok with it.


  2. Payton's mom

    Aww, perfect way to enjoy company.


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