Pineapple Express Pugs

“The Pineapple Express” sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? It sounds tasty. Sweet. Warm.

Well, it’s NOTHING like it sounds. It’s simply wet. Wetwetwet.

It’s been quite a while since we saw our West Coast pug friends, so we jumped at the chance to go to a pug gathering, despite the weather warnings.

Lucky for us, the Express held off for a bit, so we were able to see our buddies again, and have a rollicking, puggie time.

We met old friends…


…new friends…


…and even our buddy, Dickens, who has just celebrated his 11th birthday….


Being a public park, it wasn’t ALL pugs, of course. I’m a *total* sucker for Basset Hounds, so it was a real treat to meet this tennis ball obsessed girl…sweet lord, I mean LOOK AT HER BAGGY LEGS!


We were really looking forward to seeing Lola’s friend, Winston, again, but the weather wasn’t appropriate for a man of his nature, so he ended up staying at home in his cozy, warm bed.

We were very excited to meet Winston’s new brother, though. Here he comes…


The handsome and slightly camera shy Sam Cooper!

Sam Cooper came all the way from Midsouth Pug Rescue in Tennessee up to his perfect, new home in Vancouver, BC, and he couldn’t be happier!


Sam Cooper doesn’t seem to have much patience for larger dogs – a feeling that he and Lola Pug seem to share.

Sam Cooper and Lola Pug seemed to sense that our lucky spate of semi-decent weather was coming to an end…


…even little Meadow was bracing herself…


We should have been paying closer attention.

The heavens opened, and there was no staying dry, despite umbrellas and boots, so we ran back to the car, lead by a very unhappy Lola Pug.


Did I mention that she was unhappy about being so wet?


No worries, though. We got home, got dry and curled up in front of a lovely fire to dry off.

The fact that the sun came out (for the first time in over two weeks) that afternoon *almost* made up for the bone-soaking we got.

We can hardly wait to come back and see our buddies again – in the sunnier, dryer months!





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8 responses to “Pineapple Express Pugs

  1. Cat

    You know.. it’s been fairly sunny and dry in Montreal this winter. With the exception of the last two weeks. 🙂 This post just made my weekend so much better. I shall go to sleep with a smile on my face. Poor soggy puggies.


  2. You look like you went swimming! While we like swimming when it’s warm, being drenched in a downpour is no fun. Especially a cold downpour. Good thing you had the fire to warm you back up. Next time, bring a boat!


  3. Jay

    be still my beating heart!!!!!


  4. OMP I love the one of him running towards the camera! Oh that little bugger! stirring shit up at the park as usual!


  5. Payton's mom

    The cuteness in this post is off the charts, but I must say that you take the prize in that last photo, LP. 😉


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