Winter Socks

When it’s cold and wet outside, one of the small comforts I enjoy is putting on a warm, dry pair of socks.

The Pug thinks that socks are quite wonderful, as well, but for slightly different reasons….


There are very few times when I won’t take up the chase and try to get my sock back after she steals one off my foot…


…it’s just too much fun to play this game with her.

I mean, if you can’t have fun and play when the opportunity presents itself, you’re really missing a major point of being alive, no?


And that’s kind of one of the reasons dogs are here. To remind us to stop, drop and play.

Now. About that sock, Pug. I think I’ll need a slightly … dryer one now.



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5 responses to “Winter Socks

  1. Amen, Canadian sister! We all need reminding to stop and snatch a sock every once in a while.
    Life is too short!


  2. Payton's mom

    Lola, you and your mom have it right. I am so grateful that I always made time for Payton whenever she wanted. Now help your momma get new socks, no one likes a wet pair. 🙂


  3. Lea

    Stop drop and play cam save your life!


  4. I love eating socks too…almost as much as underwear 🙂


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