Going for walks in new locales means I have to keep my eyes open extra wide for things that might be Bad for The Pug.

Dead animals, wayward poop, litter, dropped food, and … stickums?


I often think that Lola looks a bit like a baby seal – not only because of her big, liquid eyes, but also because of her sleek, black coat that has – up to now – managed to repel most fauna that seeks to attach itself to her.


…not so the “stickums”.

I have no clue what these are, but they stuck to MY skin, too!


Legs, footpads, chin wattles, lips – even her NAILS! These suckers were stuck on with little hooks AND with sticky outer layers.

Not so good for your beautiful baby seal eyes, Bean, so until I figure out where these come from, your roadside snuffling is curtailed.

Being cruel to be kind comes with being a good mama, I guess.


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7 responses to “Stickums

  1. Yes! Looks like they could do a lot of damage to delicate eyes. One to avoid!


  2. With all your eye problems, Lola, you better wear Doggles! Protect those gorgeous peepers. We do see a possible bath in your future though.


  3. Those stickums are amazing and so tiny! Thank you for the kind words on my blog :):)


  4. Payton's mom

    A royal such as yourself should not have to experience such nasty freeloaders! I can see the disdain in your eyes. 😉


  5. Winston

    Oh dear this is not goods! We often call stuffs like that “willnots” will not let go!


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