Abominable Snowmen?


Maybe she’s looking for yachts.

The Pug does have expensive tastes, after all.


One thing is for sure – we’re thankful to be missing the worst of the storm in the Northeast of the continent this weekend.

Stay warm and stay safe, friends!


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5 responses to “Abominable Snowmen?

  1. I’m just in St. Louis so didn’t get hit by Nemo, but I still am jealous of you Lola!!!

    Love, Gampy


  2. Payton's mom

    Oh, LP, if you find that yacht, please pick me up and I’ll stay in sunny, warm Florida with you!


  3. If you were here the water would be a frozen slushy mess. Roxy puts her balloons on without complaint these days, miss u!


  4. Lola, we are jelly of your warmth and sunshine. Hope you are still enjoying it and not back in chilly Canada.


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