Winter, Schminter….


Yah. We got your winter right here, baby.

Lola Pug and I deal with winter the only way that delicate, little flowers can.

We escape to warmer climes for a sanity break.

No more snowstorms, no more sleet, no more salty little feet…


…at least for now.

This trip is going to have to tide us over through the wet, grey days ahead, so we’re getting in our (UV protected) sunshine while the getting’s good.

Oh, the adventures we can have. Or the naps. And knowing The Pug and me, there will be a LOT of naps.






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7 responses to “Winter, Schminter….

  1. Cat

    Very jealous of your escape. I have been longing for one the last week or so. Instead of spending money on a non-wintery location escape, we’re spending money on having men come over to rip out a broken shower, put in a new one and repair the leak in the ceiling. Tell me, Lola, who do you think is going to have more fun? You or me? 🙂


  2. Blanche

    Now you’ve done it. You’ve made us hate you. Our feet are cold. Our feet are wet. And sometimes our nether regions are cold and wet. The weirder members of the four legged family (ahem…..Meesh and Jo) seem to like this God forsaken climate.
    In winter misery,
    Tank, Hazel.


  3. We are very jealous, Lola. Even here, it’s going to be cold again. Soak up that sunshine for us, too!


  4. Wow, that’s a really nice harness you’ve got there 😉


  5. Roxy says she likes salt on her chips not on her mits.
    It is cold and dark here. Lola looks like she is getting a nice tan.


  6. This sounds awesome!!! I hope you enjoy your trip. I wish I could escape as well. It is so cold here. At least, if it were snowing we could say oh well, we can play in the snow. Right now, it’s just darn cold!:(


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