Lola (The Pug)

It’s good to know that I’m not the only one who has to remind myself every so often…

Dog? DOG? Don't you know who I am???


I might have to ask them to make a few modifications to her title, though.

Pugs are not mere dogs.

Clearly, they have never met her in person.


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13 responses to “Lola (The Pug)

  1. I do believe she would accept additional titles such as “princess”, “cuddle monster”, or “ruler of the world”. Mine have already determined they require additional titles.


  2. Hah. My pugs are listed usually as Serendipity Princess and Faith Monster. Not sure how I talked the vet into it.


  3. Cat

    So I’m not the only one who thought “Well, that’s not right. It should at least say PUG.” when I saw that? I kid you not, I was looking at that photo so hard thinking it was written wrong. She’s so much more than just a DOG. I can tell this and I only know her through this blog. You might need a better vet. Think about this. 😉


    • Oh, not, I have two AMAZING vets! I love them and my tail wags ferociaously whenever I see them (which they say is nothing short of miraculous, considering what they’ve done to me!). This is all on THE PHARMACIST!!! Mama will have to go and set those silly drug store people straight!


  4. rubytheairedale

    CLEARLY, they don’t know you Lola. Pfft! I say you make an appearance and show them your NOT ‘the dog’ !
    Hopes your doin’ goods…


    • Mama wants to sneak me in, but she says they’re not the most advanced beings, and they might be too overwhelmed at meeting such ethereal pug perfection. So I stay away for *their* health and wellbeing.


  5. Boy is that vet off kelter!!!! That should be fixed immediately!



  6. Lola — now that you have what passes for puggly binocular vision again, you should consider a new career. I just came across this on a Sword and Sorcery discussion forum:


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