It’s been a pretty green winter for us so far this year, and that’s suited Her Royal Pugness just fine, but we got a big old dump of snow the other day, and I simply couldn’t resist going for a walk in all of the wintery gorgeousness.

Alas, when one has two pugs who pretty much have opposite personalities, the term “walk” takes on an entirely new meaning.

Camera One…



…Camera Two….

Can we go this way? This way looks like fun! Come on! Hurry up!


Thank goodness they’re small beasts, ’cause I was not in the mood (nor will I ever be) to be drawn and quartered, thank you very much.

Roxy had no issues diving through snowbanks, exploring buried smells and generally romping in the gorgeous winter wonderland.

Lola Pug, however, had slightly different feelings….

Um. I thought we had a talk about this LAST YEAR, mother....


I guess, for some creatures, no amount of fashionable cold weather gear can make up for the fact that it is … you know … winter.


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9 responses to “Sno-Cone

  1. Cat

    In Lola’s defence (which I feel I should take since I laughed at her on the lap of Santa), 45 cm of snow is rather much for a tiny, delicate Pug like her. Her poor belly will get frozen and she’ll have snow over her beautiful face! She’s not a rugged, arctic dog like my Jinx and Sophie.

    Although the frosted face looks beautiful on her.


  2. I’m with you on this one, Lola Pug!


  3. Winston

    Yup Mum totally understands the walking challenges TWO pugs can creates. I like a nice leisurely stroll in my stroller while Sam races down the street at full speed. Hard for Mum to push me and walk him. The snow is pretty but my stroller doesn’t wheel so good in it and I am glad the snows is all gone now.


  4. Snow can be seen on video tape in the comfort of one’s own home. Nuff said!



  5. Poor Lola. That snow stuff stinks. We just experienced it on our trip, along with ridiculously low temperatures. It can be dangerous! Tallulah actually cut her paws on the crusty snow. We utterly sympathize from the comfort of our warm home where you are always welcome.


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