Santa’s Helpers

When you have pugs and a sense of humour (the two kinda go hand in hand, don’t they?), the Christmas season truly is the season that just keeps on giving.

Lola’s cousin, Roxy, is with us for a little bit while her family travels for the holidays, and I couldn’t be more excited about her visit.

Seeing as Lola Pug didn’t really enjoy her photo with Santa all that much – and Nelly seemed a bit shocked at the whole thing – I decided to enlist Roxy’s help to help us all get into the holiday spirit.

Lola was patient, but somewhat skeptical…


…whereas I think I might have just traumatised Roxy to the point of needing a canine therapist.


Is it the hat, or the suggestion that you might have been naughty, Rox?

Either way. At least the girls are bonded in their (fresh) dread of Christmas at Casa Lola.


Don’t you worry, girls. The gifts are coming up really soon, and you two are going to be spoiled rotten, I promise you.

Pugs are truly the gift in my life that keeps on giving.


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2 responses to “Santa’s Helpers

  1. Pugs have the greatest expressions of any dog.


  2. Cat

    I can’t stop laughing! That first photo of Lola in the hat and the cone is just too much! That HAS to be a Christmas card photo. Oh my gosh, this just made my day.

    Merry (belated) Christmas to you all! 😉


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