Christmas is Coming!

Ever since I was a kid, Christmas has been Kind Of a Big Deal in my world. Even in years when it’s been harder to celebrate, there is always an extra element of warmth and joy that Christmas brings to my little heart.

The season is made even better when The Pug and I can celebrate with family.

We have a super-special Christmas planned this year, and we begin it by celebrating with Lola’s sister, Nelly…


…who doesn’t look too thrilled at meeting The Fat Man, himself.

Perhaps Lola Pug (who has met Santa many times before) might feel a bit more in the festive mood….



I might have my work cut out for me this year.

No worries. There’s more ahead for you, little pug. If Nelly isn’t so into it, I know a family member who might be….




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4 responses to “Christmas is Coming!

  1. Blanche

    Well, heck. No wonder they aren’t into it. Where are their festive raiment? Not even a mistletoe sticker on the cone……


  2. rubytheairedale

    Oh, poor Lola. Well, I think as the day approches, she’ll get more in the mood. I think the decorating of the cone is an interesting idea….nah, Lola’s probally like me, she’ll spend all her time trying to get the decorations off of it!


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