The Stalker

We’ve been quiet on the blogging front recently, ’cause there really hasn’t been too much action or fun around here recently. HRH is either grumpy or depressed these days, and it’s truly a special day if I can even get her interested in a longer walk of any sort.

This doesn’t mean, of course, that she’s stopped being totally hilarious.

Witness evidence of our recent “walk”…


…all the way down the hallway to her buddy, Boss‘s door.

She plops herself down in front of his home, willing him to come out.

Thing is…sometimes he actually does come out.

And so, the pug continues to learn that stalking sometimes actually pays off.

Way to go, me.

Now. About that WALK, little pug….


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4 responses to “The Stalker

  1. Payton's mom

    Lola P, you are just breaking my heart with that look on your face. I’m guessing your buddy didn’t come out this time? Although I must admit the cone and pink hoodie combo made me smile.


  2. This makes me remember of Bello, a big, black dog, that my little ladypug Beatrice really adored, being adored back by him. He was very much older than her, and from a certain time on, he couldn’t go out walking anymore, because of a terrible arthritis from which he began suffering at his legs. Every time Beatrice arrived in front of Bello’s home gate, she stopped there and I wasn’t able to make her pass by and continue her walk, until Bello would come out of the garage door to say her Hello! It did cost him a great effort to cover those very few meters from the garage to the gate, with his stiff trembling legs, but how happy he was when he at last came close to little Beatrice, nose to nose snuffling and wagging their tails in great happiness!
    Beatrice kept on stopping in front of Bello’s gate for a long, long time after Bello’s death, always hoping to see him get out and come to say hello.
    I miss Beatrice so much….


  3. You still look like a Queen. Especially in this picture:


  4. Lola darling you are such a social butterfly.


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