The Golden Rule

Nothing goes to waste when there is a Golden Retriever in the house….


I’m still kind of eating this, Misty, and you’re not getting any, so maybe take a little breather, and I’ll be over to skritch you when I’m done.


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8 responses to “The Golden Rule

  1. Cat

    Are you sure you’re still eating that? You look full. Also, you might be getting fat. So maybe I should help you stay slim and trim. I’m helpful like that. Helpful is how us Goldens roll.


  2. Joanne

    is it the Maple Kind? – Clark


  3. it’s the slightly cocked eyebrow that is so winsome. Like, I am a patient soul and obviously you are a really hungry human, I will stare that smoked salmon right out of that bun….


  4. If there is any left over, I want it. Lee


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