I’ve Got My Eye On You….

Sometimes I have to feel like a terrible pug mum in order to be an awesome pug mum, and this past week has certainly been *filled* with those moments.


There is what we hope is a rapidly healing eyeball under there, so paws crossed we’ll be cone-free by the new year.

Oh, you pugs and your eyeballs….



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5 responses to “I’ve Got My Eye On You….

  1. Poor Lola. We sympathize on the eye ball issue. Hope you can be cone-free sooner than New Years!


  2. Poor you! We hope your eye gets better soon!

    Lee and Phod


  3. Lola Pug, my Christmas wish this year is that you spend 2013 totally cone free.


  4. alanajonesmann

    love her! pretty little puggie!


  5. A big kiss on your little nose, Lola! Next year will be a GREAT one, that’s sure 🙂


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