Sharing the Love

When we went over to see the Griffies last weekend, we had a mini Halloween party. We came with costumes, and left with bellies aching from laughing so hard.

Lola Pug’s Pug o War costume was SUCH a hit, that we had to see how the stateliest, most composed of the Griffies would look in it, so Bentley was corralled and suited up.


Apparently, this little work of art (it truly is an amazing piece of costuming craftsmanship) has the power of paralysis, as well…


This truly is the costume that just keeps giving.

Despite Bentley’s quiet protest at wearing it, I think he looks incredibly noble and majestic.

…and grumpy.


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6 responses to “Sharing the Love

  1. rubytheairedale

    OMD!!! That is toooo funny! Yup, that costume just keeps on givin’!!



  2. Cat

    Betcha Lola was just so happy to NOT be wearing it. Hee. PUG-O-WAR!


  3. Our Lady says a good Pug-O-War would look serious like that. Lee and Phod


  4. Oh…but he’s missing the cuffs!


  5. There need to be MORE War PUG pictures…. Please!!!


  6. Please more pictures of WAR PUG….


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