If you follow Lola Pug on Twitter, you might have noticed that she had a bit of a play date yesterday. And she wasn’t exactly thrilled with the situation she found herself in.

But I was!

You might remember last year about this time, we had a play date with The Griffies. Well, it was time for a reunite, so let’s see how they’re doing!

Pretty Miss Clara was dressed up for the occasion. It’s always a delight to see this little angel.


She hovered up high, keeping an eye on the action below….


Osgood was in a cranky mood, so he was “Osbad” for the day, but everyone has a bad day, so no worries, little man. (it was kinda overwhelming, so no hard feelings on this end)


And Bentley, being the patient therapy dog that he is, of course had to suffer the most humiliation at the hands of his mama…


Add in the two little ones, and we have an even BIGGER dog rock band this year!

Murphy, Bentley, Bosco, Osgood, Miss Clara

Yah. That’s Bosco in the background, looking all Iggy Pop and all.

And Lola Pug?

As if.

She’s a solo act, lambies. She makes it quite clear that doesn’t share the spotlight.


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5 responses to “Outnumbered!

  1. Cutest band ever. Looks like fun. Happy Sunday, Lee and Phod


  2. rubytheairedale

    ROCK ON Buddies!!! I have to say that Miss Clara’s look, kinda reminds me of Lola’s!
    Bosco is sooo cute!



  3. Lola, you have some of the cutest friends!


  4. The doggie chorus singing in a blessed tones.


  5. Cat

    Are you sure she was even there? 😉 So many adorable pups in one place! it’s like heaven!


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